Scientific Analysis Bureau


The Scientific Analysis Bureau at the department provides forensic services to all police agencies within the State of Arizona. The services provided by the bureau include the scientific analysis of evidence, technical crime scene assistance, secure storage of evidentiary items, training, and expert testimony. 

The bureau provides its services from four separate regional laboratories. These laboratories are the Central Regional Crime Laboratory located in Phoenix, the Northern Regional Crime Laboratory located in Flagstaff, the Southern Regional Crime Laboratory located in Tucson, and the Western Regional Crime Laboratory located in Lake Havasu City.


For internship applications, please visit the link below for Quality Assurance or click here.


SIMPLIFIED REPORTING: By using laboratory services, user agencies agree to receive simplified reports. Please click the following link for details - Simplified Laboratory Reports

OUTSOURCING ANALYSIS: As the need arises, the Scientific Analysis Bureau enters into outsourcing arrangements with qualified private laboratories to assist with timely analysis of cases. Please contact the Scientific Analysis Bureau for additional information on outsourcing arrangements.


***NEW - MARCH 2022 - SAB information bulletin issued regarding the statewide transition to the Intoxilyzer 9000*** - Read more about it here

July 2021 - Arizona Department of Public Safety begins using STRmix. Read the press release here.

For annual sexual assault kit reporting, please click the following link - DPS Sexual Assault Kit Annual Reports

For statewide Intoxilyzer COBRA data, please click the following link - Statewide Intoxilyzer COBRA data

May 31, 2024

Backlogged cases are defined as cases greater than 30 days, unless otherwise noted.

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