Records Requests

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) serves as the central repository for various types of records. Please select the type of DPS records you are requesting below for additional information:

This section will assist you with the following:

  • Criminal history record reviews
  • Employer background checks
  • Clearance letters (local/national)

Under A.R.S. § 41-1750, the Arizona Department of Public Safety Central State Repository Section serves as the Central State Repository (CSR) for all Arizona criminal records. All Arizona Criminal justice agencies are required by this statute to report arrest and disposition information to the CSR. Copies of criminal records are restricted to authorized individuals/agencies.

Note: Please do not contact "Public Records" regarding Criminal Records.


Employment Background Checks for Authorized Agencies:

Arizona state law does not allow the Central State Repository to perform a criminal history records check for private citizens or agencies outside of the state of Arizona for the purposes of employment, immigration, obtaining a visa, or foreign adoption. The Central State Repository cannot send the state of Arizona criminal history records over state lines. If a private citizen would like to review and challenge their criminal history record, please use the Record Review Packet drop-down menu at the bottom of this page. 

Noncriminal Justice agencies within the state of Arizona authorized under A.R.S. § 41-1750(G) and Public Law 92-544 to receive official criminal history records information from the Central State Repository may apply for the Noncriminal Justice (NCJ) Compliance Program, which conducts fingerprint-based state and federal criminal history background checks for authorized agencies. Agencies submitting applicant fingerprints must have an FBI-approved city, town, or county ordinance, tribal resolution, executive order, or state statute mandating the criminal history records check. For more information about the NCJ Compliance Program, visit their webpage at noncriminal-justice-compliance-ncj-program.

A.R.S. § 41-1750(G) does not provide the AZDPS the statutory authority to process applicant fingerprints and release Arizona state criminal history record information to private companies for employment purposes except non-profit organizations pursuant to A.R.S. § 41-1750(G)(23).

Fingerprint Clearance Card: If you have been told by an employer or agency that you need a fingerprint clearance card to work for a company/agency, contact the Clearance Card Section at (602) 223-2279.

Clearance Letter: Arizona law does not permit the Central State Repository to conduct a criminal history record check or to provide a clearance letter for immigration, obtaining a visa, or foreign adoption. 

National Check: A national check or clearance can be obtained by contacting the Federal Bureau of Investigation for an Identity History Summary Check (Rap Sheet).

Local Clearance: If you need a local clearance, you should contact your local police agency.

Record Reviews: Individuals wishing to review their Arizona criminal record must complete a Record Review Packet. 

Record Review Packet

The subject of a criminal record may review the information contained in the record for the sole purpose of reviewing the accuracy and completeness of the record. 

To review the record the subject may request a Record Review Packet by contacting the Central State Repository Section at (602) 223-2222 or by downloading the information below.

  • The Record Review Packet contains the following items:
    • Instructions 
    • Blank Applicant fingerprint card
    • Contact Information Sheet
    • Pre-addressed return envelope

A response, including a copy of any existing criminal record information, will be mailed to the requester within 15 days of receipt of the completed Record Review Packet. No personal information regarding the identity or address of the requester will be included in the response.

  • Download and print the Record Review Packet Instructions 
  • Download and print the fingerprint card and take it to a law enforcement agency to be fingerprinted. The agency may prefer to use a fingerprint card on standard stock. You may use the fingerprint card provided by the printing agency as long as the fingerprint card is the FBI blue standard applicant fingerprint card and all information identified in the instructions, including the agency and official taking the fingerprints, has been entered on the fingerprint card.
  • Download and print the Contact Information Sheet.
  • Download and print the Record Review Packet Checklist
  • Download FAQ for any questions

These records are for incidents or collisions investigated by State Troopers or other DPS employees.

  • Collision (accident) reports on Interstate or State Highways
  • Citations, warnings, repair orders issued by State Troopers
  • Photographic requests for DPS related incidents
  • Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) requesting Offense/Incident/Arrest Reports

The Department Records Unit (DRU) maintains records for collisions (accidents) that were investigated by DPS Troopers occurring on an Interstate or State Highway. If the report you are requesting was the result of a collision that occurred on a town, city or county road, contact the law enforcement agency in that jurisdiction.

The Department Records Unit receives completed reports from DPS Troopers within 14 days of the incident. Please wait at least 14 days to check on report availability by contacting the Department Records Unit at (602) 223-2230 or (602) 223-2236.

Arizona Revised Statute §28-667 prohibits examining or receiving copies of accident reports for commercial solicitation. "Commercial solicitation means a request for an accident report at a time when there is no relationship between the person or the principal of the person requesting the accident report and any party involved in the accident and there is no reason for the person to request the report other than for the purposes of soliciting a business or commercial relationship."

ARS 28-667

Request Collision Report



Any photographs taken at the scene of a collision (accident) or arrest/offense/incident can be ordered from the Department Records Unit.

Request photographs



Copies of Citations, Written Warnings, or Repair Orders issued by State Troopers can be ordered from the Department Records Unit.

Request Citation/Warning/Repair Order


Individuals who have completed repairs on vehicle equipment repair orders issued by a State Trooper can forward them to:


Arizona Department of Public Safety
Attn: Vehicle Equipment Repair Order
P. O. Box 18470
Phoenix, AZ 85005-8470



To receive a copy of a DPS accident report, Citations/Warnings/Repair Orders, and/or photographs from a DPS accident or incident, follow the instructions below and complete the provided form on the link below. Please read all the instructions carefully before submitting the form.

To receive a copy of a collision report, the following fees are required:

  • Paper report via U.S. Mail - $9.00 for the first nine pages; $0.10 for each additional page
    (Request must be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope)
  • Report via email - $9.00 (up to 5 MB)
  • Paper report via fax - $9.00 (20 page limit)
  • Report on a compact disc (CD) - $10.00 (up to 700 MB)
  • Printed Photo (each 8x10) - $4.00
  • Photo Contact Sheets - $10.00
  • Photographs on Single DVD - $15.00

Credit Cards, business checks, or money orders are accepted for in-person requests.  Only business checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders will be accepted for mail-in requests and should be made out to: Arizona Department of Public Safety. No personal checks are accepted by mail. 


Request for Department Records

Note: For information regarding documents for the public other than collision reports, photographs or citations/warnings/repair orders, contact the DPS Public Records Unit



Offense reports may be requested by governmental agencies for criminal justice purposes. The agency must qualify as a criminal justice agency as defined by state law (Arizona Revised Statute 41-1750) to receive the complete report. Requests can be received via email at [email protected] or via fax at (602) 223-2915.


Note: If you are NOT a Law Enforcement Agency, and are requesting an Arrest/Offense/Incident Report, contact the DPS Public Records Unit

Contact the Public Records Unit

For inquiries on pending requests or general questions.


(602) 223-2345 Phone
(602) 223-2945 Fax


Public Records Unit
Arizona Department of Public Safety
PO Box 6638 Mail Drop 3240
Phoenix, AZ 85005-6638

These records are for DPS related records only.

  • Offense/Incident/Arrest reports investigated by State Troopers
  • Radio/911 tapes and logs for incidents on Interstate or State Highways
  • Certified records
  • Civil Subpoena Duces Tecum
  • All other DPS record types with the exception of those listed for Department Records

Incidents involving county or local jurisdictions (County Sheriffs, City or Local Police Departments, Town Marshal’s Offices) are not retained by DPS. Requests for these records need to be directed to the investigative agency in that jurisdiction.

The Public Records Unit (PRU) processes requests from the public for various departmental records, with the exception of collision (accident) reports, photographs, and citations/warnings/repair orders, which are processed by the Department Records Unit.

  • Visit the new Public Services Portal to create an account and request Public Records.  
  • All requests for public records should be submitted in writing or online. Pursuant to A.R.S. 39-121.03, when requests for copies, printouts or photographs of public records are for a commercial purpose, the requestor shall provide a statement setting forth the commercial purpose for which the copies, printouts or photographs will be used.  
  • When the requested documents have been gathered and processed, PRU will send an invoice to the requestor via USPS mail, fax, or e-mail. If you have received an invoice and would like to come in person to pick up records, please email [email protected] to arrange a date/time. Please wait for confirmation of your appointment.
  • PRU receives a large volume of records requests. Please do not call to check the status until at least 30 business days after your request was submitted. Some records may take longer than others to process; for example, archived reports, reports for active investigations, and requests that involve large amounts of data, video, and/or audio.
  • In accordance with ARS § 39-121, public records may be reviewed prior to purchase or copying. In order to review records an appointment must be made by first contacting 602-223-2345. Please leave a message with your name, a contact number and the invoice number.
  • When payment is received by PRU, in the form of a credit card, cashier’s check, money order or business check, the records will be released to the requestor.  No personal checks are accepted. Credit cards are only accepted in person or through the Public Services Portal after an account has been created.
  • Fee Schedule
    • Paper Copies – $9.00 for the first 9 pages, $0.10 per each additional page
    • Fax - $9.00 (20 page limit)
    • Email - $9.00 (5 MB limit)
    • DVD - $15.00 (4.7 GB limit)*
    • Flash Drive - $20.00 (16 GB limit)*
    • Video requests fee - $21.33 for first ½ hour and $21.33 each ½ hour proceeding, this fee will be in addition to the delivery method fee of email $9 – NEW FEE IS EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. This new fee is pursuant to ARS§ 41-1734.

 Requests may be submitted in any of the following ways:


  • Online - using the Public Services Portal 
  • In person - at the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Public Service Center, 2222 West Encanto Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85009.
    • Hours of operation: 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday-Friday (closed on state holidays)
  • Mailed to the Department of Public Safety, Attention PRU MD3240, P.O. Box 6638, Phoenix, AZ 85005-6638
  • Faxed to (602) 223-2945


Note: To obtain collision reports, photographs, or citations/warnings/repair orders, contact the DPS Department Records Unit.

Incidents involving county or local jurisdictions (County Sheriffs, City or Local Police Departments, Town Marshal’s Offices) are not retained by DPS. Requests for these records need to be directed to the investigative agency in that jurisdiction.