The mission of the Arizona Department of Public Safety is:

Mission Statement

To provide public safety to the state of Arizona.

The vision of the Arizona Department of Public Safety is:

Vision Statement

To be the national model in providing state-level law enforcement services.

The Motto of the Arizona Department of Public Safety is:


Courteous Vigilance is the Arizona Department of Public Safety's motto and guiding principle, which reflects the pride of the Department. We provide quality, reliable and respectful service to the citizens of Arizona while being vigilant in the enforcement of the laws of the state.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety makes every effort to ensure that azdps.gov is available and accessible to persons with disabilities. Our website is compliant with the State of Arizona Website Accessibility Policy.  We welcome your feedback to assist us in making our website more accessible. Should you experience any issues accessing azdps.gov or have any comments, please feel free to email us with the button link below.



Website Accessibility Policy

The purpose is to establish a statewide policy that provides an accessibility model for the development and implementation of Arizona State government web sites that minimizes technical barriers to accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

7 Points of the Badge


The following are our seven core values supporting the tradition of Courteous Vigilance and are reflected in the acronym JUSTICE, which represents the seven points of the Department's badge.



We embrace the qualities of fairness, equality and quickness in protecting the rights of the people we serve.

Undaunted commitment

We demonstrate moral and physical courage, vigilance and diligence in duty performance.


We deliver exceptional service assistance through teamwork and cooperation.


We strive to earn and keep the confidence of the people we serve through truthfulness, communication and reliability.


We are honest, factual and accountable while being an example of excellence on and off duty.


We are respectful and polite to everyone.


We are compassionate and respectful in all that we do.