Support Services

The Support Services Section consists of three units: supply warehouse, asset tracking and mail services, and forms and printing services. The Support Services Section is led by an administrative service manager and three administrative services officers.


The Supply Warehouse has three main areas. First is the warehouse proper, in which items are ordered, stocked, maintained, and issued to DPS personnel. The second is receiving, where goods ordered by units within the Department are received and tracked. The third area is surplus, where obsolete items are received, cataloged, and disposed of.


The asset tracking and mail services unit oversees the entirety of the Department’s fixed assets during its life cycle, including the acquisition, transfer, and disposal of each item. This unit is also responsible for the pick-up and distribution of internal and external mail, as well as the preparation of mail delivery.


The forms and printing services unit updates, creates, and maintains electronic and printed versions of Department forms. They also complete printing projects and provide printing services for Departmental units and personnel.


During fiscal year 2023, some of the Support Services Section’s successes include the implementation of a printing process that resulted in more significant cost savings for the Department and maintaining exceptional customer service while experiencing personnel shortages.


Moving into fiscal year 2024, the Support Services Section will continue to work to fill critical vacant positions and strive to overcome supply disruptions. This includes working with current and potential vendors.