Information Technology Bureau

The Information Technology Bureau at DPS serves both a traditional in-house support function at the department, and as an Application Service Provider for all of Arizona’s Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice agencies. I.T.B. designs, develops, maintains and operates automated computer systems to support the enforcement, investigative and administrative functions of the agency. In addition, I.T.B. built, hosts and continues to enhance the functionality of the statewide Arizona Criminal Justice Information System (ACJIS) on-line network utilized by all criminal justice agencies in the state and throughout the country. The bureau is divided into the following three sections: PC Support, Technical Services, and Application Development.


PC Support

The PC Support Section supports internal customers by serving as second tier assistance for any computer, client software, or PC peripheral issues customers may experience that cannot be resolved by the help desk. The section provides assistance remotely and in-person and utilizes a ticket management system to categorize and prioritize customer requests and incidents. The section supports items such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, in-car computers and the setup of PC peripherals.  Additionally, the section works behind the scenes to ensure that our customers have a stable and efficient computing environment.


Technical Support

The Technical Services Section is responsible for providing a wide variety of technical support to internal and external customers. For example, the section provides technical assistance to federal, county and local criminal justice agencies through network communication links to the statewide criminal justice computer network. This allows access to criminal justice data to Arizona counties, local police departments, the FBI Crime Center, and the other 49 states’ computer systems via the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS).  This section is also responsible for administering, building, maintaining and securing the servers, mainframe, database systems and network utilized by the agency in its 40-plus offices around the state.


Application Development

The Applications Development Section is responsible for support of mainframe applications that contain all of Arizona’s Criminal History Information and hotfiles, Agency Human Resources information and other Agency systems.  In addition, it builds and supports client server applications that run a variety of functions from electronic citations to records management and for processing and approving various license applications.  The section also builds and supports several browser based applications and sites utilized by the public and agency employees.