The Facilities Section provides statewide support for the Department and oversees two main areas, design and construction and facilities maintenance. The Facilities Section’s goal is to respond immediately to the needs of the Department and its employees while providing vision and growth. The Facilities Section is led by a facilities manager, three facilities project managers, and a facilities maintenance supervisor.


The design and construction section is responsible for meeting the Department’s design needs, whether it is a minor remodel of current office space, new construction of offices, or remote-duty homes. The Facilities Section constantly strives to create functional spaces for all staff and visitors. In fiscal year 2023, Facilities worked on 69 projects and 83 requests for work.


The maintenance section is on call 24 hours a day to answer any emergency involving over 400 Department properties. The maintenance staff responds to service calls and requests daily. The maintenance section operates with building renewal funds to upgrade fire control panels, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and roofing systems across the state. During fiscal year 2023, the maintenance staff worked on 3,856 work orders.


Facilities is constantly working on providing preventative maintenance and building upgrades to keep the buildings running smoothly and seamlessly. Should a problem arise, Facilities responds hastily to resolve the issues. Should the request require outside professional help, Facilities contacts vendors and ensures the desired service is rendered. Funding for preventative maintenance and upkeep is essential. Through budget acquisition, building renewal funds, and capital improvement project funds, Facilities is constantly striving to meet the demands of today and the planning for the future.