Good Samaritans and State Trooper Help Save Severely Injured Motorcyclist

Monday, July 01, 2024

On June 4th, 2024, Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) Trooper Norman Hupp responded to a single-vehicle motorcycle collision on the transition ramp from eastbound U.S. 60 to northbound Loop 101 in Tempe. After arriving at the scene, Trooper Hupp found the motorcycle operator lying in the dirt next to the road with significant injuries, including a severe injury to his left arm resulting in massive blood loss.

Several good Samaritans witnessed the crash and immediately assisted the injured motorcyclist until first responders arrived. One of the witnesses had used his belt as a makeshift tourniquet, and Trooper Hupp applied his own department-issued tourniquet shortly after he arrived at the scene. Trooper Hupp and the good Samaritans then provided water and shade and kept the injured man calm until an ambulance arrived.

The Tempe Fire Medical Department transported the motorcycle operator to a hospital, where he underwent several surgeries for extensive injuries. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of the good Samaritans, Trooper Hupp, and fire and medical personnel, he is now on the road to recovery.

On June 11, Trooper Hupp was invited to the hospital to meet Zaveion, the injured motorcycle operator, and his father. Zaveion and his dad thanked Trooper Hupp for his efforts to help save his life and talked about his recovery.

We want to recognize and thank Trooper Hupp and all of the good Samaritans who stopped to help for their quick thinking and selfless actions. Incidents like this one are a great reminder of the kindness that exists within our communities.

Trooper Hupp with Zaveion, the injured motorcyclist, and Zaveion's father