AZDPS Introduces Innovative Tactical Medical Extraction Vehicle

Friday, June 28, 2024

The Tactical Medical Extraction Vehicle (TMEV) is a rescue vehicle adapted for law enforcement and tactical use based on the vision of AZDPS Trooper/Paramedic Eric Tarr, with assistance from Trooper/Paramedic Russ Dodge.

The TMEV is the first of its kind and was created to meet the necessary standard of care for the dynamic and challenging situations faced by law enforcement. With incidents such as officer-involved shootings, SWAT operations, rescues in difficult terrain, scenes involving numerous victims and/or patients, and more, it’s important to have a vehicle versatile enough to use in both special incidents and daily operations.

The TMEV is outfitted with a patient area which can secure a standard stokes litter, and also carries Advanced Live Support (ALS) equipment, oxygen, a cardiac monitor, a trauma bag, and more. Secure storage is also provided for emergency medications and tactical gear.

This vehicle allows a tactical medic to safely extract a patient from an active scene or rural location and provide necessary care in a secure setting until that patient can be transferred to an ambulance or hospital or taken to a helicopter landing zone.

With 4-wheel drive capabilities, the TMEV is equipped to get into more rugged terrain than most ambulances, and because it’s operated by a trooper, it can be driven into active scenes that other medical personnel cannot access.

The benefits of the TMEV are not limited to humans; it can also be used to extract injured law enforcement or search and rescue canines and their handlers for swift transportation to a veterinary hospital.

AZDPS currently has one operational Chevrolet Suburban TMEV and three more in build-up, including another Suburban and two Ford Expedition MAX SUVs. The department is setting the standard and is actively assisting other agencies who are looking to enhance their tactical medical services.