Troopers Rescue Motorist Trapped in Flood Waters

On Monday, January 2, 2023, AZDPS Air Rescue was requested by the Gila County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) to assist with the rescue of a motorist stranded in flood waters in Tonto Creek. GCSO reported the driver of a pickup truck drove around road barricades before getting caught in fast-moving flood waters.

The AZDPS Ranger 1 crew responded to the area and inserted a trooper-paramedic onto the bed of the flooded truck via low hover. The trooper had the driver climb through the back window of the cab and into the truck bed, then equipped him with a flotation device and additional safety gear in preparation for extraction. Ranger 1 returned to the scene a few minutes later, and the trooper and driver were safely extracted via hover and flown to the nearby command post. The driver was turned over to deputies with the Gila County Sheriff’s Office for further assistance.

This incident is an example of why motorists should never attempt to drive on flooded roads. If you see barricades blocking a flooded or flood-prone road, turn around and find an alternate route. Weather changes quickly, and most cars, trucks and SUVs can be swept up in as little as one to two feet of water.

Turn Around – Don’t Drown!