Field Video and Records

The mission of the Field Video and Records Section (FVRS) is “To facilitate records requests, protect personal information, and provide vital technology and operational support through exceptional customer service.” The FVRS is comprised of five units; records I, records II, redaction I, redaction II, and the field video support unit.


Records I is responsible for processing public records requests and offense report redaction. Records II is responsible for crash report requests, law enforcement background reports as well as the administration of the Department’s National Incident-Based Record System (NIBRS). Redaction I and II are responsible for the redaction and quality control of all dispatch audio, 911 recordings, and video footage. The field video support unit is responsible for overseeing the procurement, training, and technical and logistical components of the Department’s law enforcement technologies which includes body-worn cameras, electrical conductive weapons, and in-car wireless internet connectivity.


The FVRS leadership team includes one captain, one sergeant, and four professional staff supervisors.