Gang Enforcement

Gang EnforcementOverview

The Gang Enforcement Bureau is home to the Gang & Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GIITEM). GIITEM is a statewide task force consisting of three districts that provide gang and illegal immigration enforcement.

The Gang & Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GIITEM) strives to accomplish its mission through a task force concept involving personnel from federal, state, county and city law enforcement agencies. GIITEM efforts are structured to fit the needs of individual communities for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

GIITEM trains criminal justice personnel regarding identification and interdiction of gangs and collects and disseminates gang and human smuggling intelligence to other law enforcement agencies, through a web based, state of the art system.

GIITEM maintains a 1-888-NO-GANGS (1-888-664-2647) tip line, where callers can leave information anonymously.

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