In Arizona, scrap metal businesses and used automotive component dealers are required to report their scrap metal data and lead acid battery recycling transactions to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Scrap metal dealers and used automotive dealers are also required to collect and retain certain information at their business location. The AZDPS is charged with ensuring businesses are provided with the means to comply with these statutes, while also providing Law Enforcement agencies with access to this database for investigative and compliance purposes.

The Department’s current contracted database provider is LeadsOnline. Scrap Metal and Used-Automotive Component businesses can access the database at the following link:

Scrap Metal Stores

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Listed below are the relevant statutes:

Scrap Metal

ARS 44-1642 Records of Purchase, Transaction Limitations
ARS 44-1642.01 Prohibited Scrap Metal Transactions
ARS 44-1644 Report to the Department

Lead Acid Battery

ARS 44-1322 Disposal
ARS 44-1325 Used Automotive Component Dealers, Records of Purchase
ARS 44-1327 Report to the Department

If you have any questions relating to your business and scrap metal theft laws in Arizona, you are encouraged to read the aforementioned laws and seek the advice of an attorney; as there are stiff penalties including possible jail time for businesses and persons who fail to comply.

If you have any questions relating to the enforcement of these laws, or wish to report a scrap metal theft, please contact your local Law Enforcement jurisdiction (Police or Sheriff) or the office of the Arizona Attorney General.



If you are a scrap metal dealer or business in Arizona, you must register your business beginning September 13, 2013. The online registration process is available through the Department’s current contracted database provider, LeadsOnline. After completing registration you will be provided with a certificate verifying your registration. To register, please go to the following link:

LeadsOnline registration

Listed below are the relevant statutes pertaining to registration of scrap metal dealers:

ARS 44-1641 Definitions
44-1641.01 Scrap Metal Dealer Report
44-1641.02 Law Enforcement; theft notification website
44-1641.03 Registration; application
44-1641.04 Registration; fees
44-1641.05 Items required to be maintained at place of business


Any questions regarding registering your business can be directed to the DPS Licensing Unit at (602) 223-2361.