Public Records


Do you handle accident (collision) reports?
The Department Records Unit handles accident reports and accident photograph requests.

However, Public Records will respond to civil subpoena duces tecum for an accident report and photographs. Public records will also certify documents.

What reports do the Public Records Unit handle?
The Public Records Unit handles requests for any and all documents in the possession of the Department, except for accident reports and accident photographs.

Does the Public Records Unit charge a fee?
Yes. The Public Records Unit charges a fee for all documents and other mediums requested. See the Fee Schedule page for prices and payment methods.

When do I pay the fee and how will I know how much to pay?
Once the documents or items you requested have been gathered, you will receive an invoice for the amount due. Your requested materials will be mailed once your payment has been received. Currently, the Unit accepts cashier checks, money orders and business checks for payment.

What information do I need to provide in order to request a report?
You need to provide any and all information you have available in order to aide us in locating the report or records you are requesting. We have provided a Public Records Request Form for you to email or print and fax to Public Records for a request. Please fill in all the information you have available. Please be specific about the type of document you are requesting.

How long will it take for me to receive a copy of the report requested?
The Department makes every effort to satisfy requests in a timely manner, but the amount of items requested and the amount of requests the unit is currently handling will always affect the time it will take to complete requests. The Unit requests that you allow at least 20 days for your request to be processed. Requests for older reports may take longer as they are stored offsite.

Can I make my request in person?
The Public Records Unit does not have a public entrance. However, requests may be dropped off at the public counter at the Department Records Unit (Accident Records window) located at 2102 West Encanto Blvd , Phoenix , AZ 85009 .

Can I come in and pick up the report today?
Information released by the Department (other than accident reports) must be viewed for content before being released. Documents may be reviewed by appointment only with the documents custodian. Contact Public Records.