Accident Records






Requesting Accident Reports and/or Photographs

To receive a copy of a DPS accident report and/or photographs from an accident, follow the instructions below and complete the provided form:


Completed forms may be sent to:

Department Records Section
P.O. Box 6638
Mail Drop 3111
Phoenix, AZ 85005

You may send a request without completing the form, as long as the written request includes the driver's name, date-of-birth, date and time the accident occurred, the highway where the accident occurred, and the report number (if known.) The report number should be on the upper right corner of the sheet given to you by the DPS officer at the accident scene.

Copies of accident reports by mail must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope and the appropriate fee.

No cash or personal checks are accepted by mail.

Only business checks, cashier’s checks or money orders will be accepted for mail-in requests and should be made out to: Arizona Department of Public Safety (ADPS).

You may come in person to request a copy of an accident report. The office is open between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday at 2222 West Encanto Boulevard, Phoenix. The office is closed on all State Holidays

Cash, business checks or money orders are accepted for in-person requests.

Sorry, no Credit or Debit Cards

Photographs from Accidents

Any photographs taken at the scene of an accident can be ordered through the Department Records Section. CDs are $35.00

Photographic contact sheets are $10.00 each. Individual photos (either 8 X 10 or 4 X 6) are $4.00 each. Requests (with appropriate fee) will be taken by the Department Records Section and the photographs will be mailed directly to you from the Photo Lab.

Click here for instructions on requesting photographs.

Citations, Warnings and/or Repair Orders

The Department Records Section does maintain copies of DPS-issued citations, warnings and/or repair orders. Copies of citations issued by DPS are forwarded to the court having jurisdiction in the area the citation was issued, and to the Motor Vehicle Division, Arizona Department of Transportation.

Individuals who have completed repairs on vehicle equipment repair orders issued to them by a DPS officer can forward them to:

Arizona Department of Public Safety
Attn: Vehicle Equipment Repair
P. O. Box 18470
Phoenix, AZ 85005-8470

Police Reports

Offense reports may be requested by governmental agencies for criminal justice purposes. The agency must qualify as a criminal justice agency as defined by state law (Arizona Revised Statute 41-1750) to receive the complete report. Requests must be received by mail, fax (602) 223-2915, or in person.

Requests from the general public need to be made to the DPS Public Records Unit within the Training and Management Services Bureau. Public Records Unit reviews each request, and may redact certain information from the offense report when it is released due to privacy or security issues. Criminal history or personal descriptive information such as name, social security numbers, and addresses are examples of information that may be redacted from the report.

The Public Records Unit may be contacted at 602-223-2345.

Accident Reports

DPS has records for accidents that were investigated by a DPS Highway Patrol Officer and that occurred on a State Highway. If the report you are requesting was the result of an accident that occurred on a city or county road, contact the law enforcement agency that investigated the accident.

Troopers have 14 days to complete and submit accident reports to the Department Records Section. Please wait at least that long to check on report availability from the Department Records Section at telephone number 602-223-2230/2236.

  • ARS 28-667 - Written accident report; definition

    SUMMARY OF ARS § 28-667:
    Arizona Revised Statute §28-667 prohibits examining or receiving copies of accident reports for commercial solicitation. "Commercial solicitation means a request for an accident report at a time when there is no relationship between the person or the principle of the person requesting the accident report and any party involved in the accident and there is not reason for the person to request the report other than for the purposes of soliciting a business or commercial relationship."

Click here for instructions on requesting accident reports.

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