Record Review Packet Instructions


The Criminal History Records Section of the Arizona Department of Public Safety serves as the Central State Repository for criminal records in the State of Arizona (see Arizona Revised Statute ยง41-1750). The subject of a criminal record may review the information contained in the record for the SOLE PURPOSE OF REVIEWING THE ACCURACY AND COMPLETENESS OF THEIR RECORD.

To Review the record the subject may:

  1. Request a Record Review Packet by contacting the Criminal History Records Section at (602) 223-2222.
    • The Record Review Packet contains the following items:
      • Instructions
      • Blank Applicant fingerprint card
      • Contact Information Sheet
      • Pre-addressed return envelope


  2. Click Here to download and print the Record Review Packet.

A response, including a copy of any existing criminal record information, will be mailed to the requester within 15 days of receipt of the completed Record Review Packet. No personal information regarding the identity or address of the requester will be included in the response.