Crime Victims Services - Maricopa County Services

A New Leaf

Phone:  (480) 969-4024
CONTACS: 1-800-799-7739 (Shelter placement assistance)

A New Leaf’s victim services programs offer the following domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy programs to the community:  a twenty-two bed domestic violence shelter in Mesa; an eighty bed crisis and transitional domestic violence shelter in Glendale;

Domestic violence support programs including:

  • The Domestic Violence Safe Temporary Overflow Program (DV STOP)
  • Counseling for victims of sexual assault at Family Advocacy Centers located in Phoenix, Mesa and Glendale.
  • Court Advocacy to assist victims of domestic violence with orders of protection, court accompaniment and referral assistance.

The shelter programs are also able to accommodate victims throughout Arizona as well as other states for victims who need to relocate.

Apache Junction Prosecutor's Office

Phone: (480) 474-5138 (Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm

The Victim Advocacy Program in the City Prosecutor’s office serves misdemeanor crime victims in the City of Apache Junction.

The following misdemeanor crime victims are served:
  • Domestic violence
  • DUI/DWI crashes
  • Assault
Other crime victims served include:
  • Elder abuse
  • Harassment
  • Theft
  • Threat/intimidation
  • Court order violation
  • Criminal damage
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Dog at large with victim
  • Hit/run, endangerment
  • Shoplifting
  • Contributing to delinquency of minor
  • Trespassing           
The Victim Advocacy Program provides comprehensive and supportive legal and safety planning services to include the following:
  1. Support and advocacy
  2. Assistance completing compensation claims
  3. Case management and follow up contact
  4. In person and telephonic information and referral services
  5. Coordination of logistical support (e.g. transportation, baby sitting)
The Program provides legal advocacy services to assist victims and their families to:
  1. Participate in the criminal justice system
  2. Obtain necessary support services to begin the healing process
  3. Receive restitution
  4. Address safety issues

Area Agency on Aging

24-hour Senior HelpLine:  (602) 264-4357
Phone: (602) 264-2255
TTY/TDD: (602) 241-6110

The Area Agency on Aging offers 60 programs and services to more than 100,000 individuals annually in Maricopa County. The Agency serves five main client populations: adults aged 60 and older, adults aged 18 and older with disabilities and long-term care needs, adults aged 50 and older with special needs, persons of all ages with HIV/AIDS, and family caregivers.

The Agency has developed an innovative program called DOVES to serve victims of late-life domestic violence and elder abuse. DOVES serves adults aged 50 or older in Maricopa County, and takes a multi-faceted approach to provide services for this often-overlooked population. Started in 1996, the program provides crisis intervention; counseling; personal advocacy; information, referral & connection to services; support groups; and emergency and transitional housing.  DOVES conducts weekly support groups throughout Maricopa County for older victims of abuse, which provide information, education, and a supportive environment needed to take the steps necessary to live violence-free lives. 

The Area Agency collaborates with community partners to provide free emergency housing for up to two weeks for older victims.  During this time, intensive case management is provided to help victims explore possible options. DOVES also provides subsidized transitional housing for up to 2 years, if appropriate. While residing in the DOVES facility, each resident receives safe affordable housing, case management, referrals to needed services, assistance in applying for benefits, and the support and encouragement needed to achieve independent living free from violence and fear.

Avondale Police Department

Phone: (623) 333-7219
Main Phone:  (623) 333-7000

The Avondale Police Department recognizes that the criminal justice system can be confusing and frustrating to those unfamiliar with the judicial process. The Victims' Rights Unit was created in order to: provide victims of crime with updated information pertaining to their case/cases, help victims understand their rights in the judicial process, and provide victims with the tools needed to facilitate the beginning of the emotional healing process.

Services available through the Victims' Rights Unit are delivered at no cost to the victim and include: crisis intervention, assistance with obtaining orders of protection/injunctions against harassment, explanation of and assistance navigating through the judicial process, escort to court, childcare (during court and/or police interviews), information and referral to services based on victims' requests/needs, assistance with filing victim compensation claims, emergency financial assistance, and follow up contact.

Chandler Police Victim Services Program

Phone: (480) 782-4535
After hours: (480) 782-4130

Victim Services is a program of the Chandler Police Department (CPD) serving victims of actual or threatened crime in the Chandler community. Our goal is to enhance the treatment of victims and survivors of criminal acts by providing them services that can assist in recovery as quickly and fully as possible.

Specially trained advocates provide the following services:

  • Education on victims' rights
  • Liaison with detectives
  • Support during investigations
  • Information about the criminal justice process
  • Assistance with Victim Compensation
  • Liaison with Property & Evidence
  • Referral to community resources
  • Informational support related to the criminal incidents
  • Court accompaniment
  • Assistance with filing protective orders
  • Police report requests
  • 9-1-1 Phone Program
  • Transportation, as appropriate
  • Assistance with emergency needs

Contact Victim Services directly by calling or coming to the Chandler Police Department, 250 E. Chicago Street, Chandler, AZ  85225, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM; except holidays. 

Child Crisis Center

Phone:  (480) 969-2308

Child Crisis Center (CCC) was established in 1981 as a grassroots, community-based organization by a small group of volunteers who saw the need for a child abuse prevention program in the East Valley of Maricopa County, Arizona. CCC's focus on improving the mental and physical health of children and their families has not changed through the years, although CCC has grown tremendously. For more than 28 years, CCC has partnered with the Arizona Department of Economic Security to care for the children in our community. CCC serves residents of Maricopa County and the surrounding area, including the adjacent Native American Communities. Since its inception, CCC has sheltered nearly 12,000 children and served more than 19,000 individuals at its Family Resource Center. Current programs include Emergency Shelter, Family Support, Children's Counseling, Foster Care and Adoption, a Thrift Store, a Volunteer Program and Development Program. There is no charge for Emergency Shelter services. Funding comes from government grants and contracts, fundraisers, and from individual and corporate donations. The Emergency Shelter is located at 604 W. 9th Street in Mesa. The Shelter is a year-round, 24-hour facility.

Childhelp Children's Center of Arizona

Phone:  (602) 271-4500

The Childhelp Children’s Center of Arizona (CCCA) is a fully-accredited, “one-stop," comprehensive advocacy center providing investigational resources, medical treatment, mental health therapy, and victim support services to child abuse victims and their families since 1998. Mental Health Program staff provide long and short-term individual, group, and family therapy, parent education, court support and child advocacy services in a child-friendly environment to victims of abuse and neglect, ages 3 through 18. The CCCA provides a comprehensive array of services through a co-located, multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach that integrates the services of its five critical community partners: the Phoenix Police Department, Child Protective Services, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and Arizona Attorney General’s Office. This collaborative effort increases the ability to prosecute and sentence abusers, safeguards victims from reoccurring abuse, and prevents other children in the community from being abused. With a caring focus, the CCCA partnership is a high profile, high volume and highly successful example of professional integration and coordination of treatment, intervention and investigation services.


Hotline:  (602) 944-4999

Chrysalis' 360-degree approach helps individuals end the cycle of violence in their lives.

A brief summary of our programs follows:

  • The Crisis Shelter program is provided through our Phoenix and Scottsdale shelters. In FY July 2007-June 2008, Chrysalis provided 395 women and children with crisis shelter for a total of 12,721 bed nights. Case management, advocacy, therapy and child services are provided, as well as educational workshops for adults about substance abuse, improving credit and budgeting, family law, etc.
  • The Transition Housing program meets the needs of those who are ready to leave a crisis shelter, but lack the resources and/or skills needed to obtain adequate long-term housing.
  • The Outpatient Counseling program employs a Master's Level therapist who provides individual counseling for adults and children, as well as specialized types of child therapy, including play therapy and filial therapy.
  • The Victim Advocate program operates in conjunction with the Maricopa County Probation Department and the Superior Court of Arizona to provide critical services to victims whose abusers are on probation.
  • The Financial Literacy program is based on FDIC guidelines, and includes education about credit, budgeting, savings, etc.
  • The Lay-Legal Advocate program provides information and resources regarding civil and criminal issues related to domestic violence, including: assistance on where to file an Order of Protection, information about court procedures, instructions on how to obtain divorce forms, child custody forms, etc., assistance with filing documents with the appropriate entities, support during court procedures, referrals for legal representation.
  • The PAC/PEACE program (psycho-educational program for offenders) helps offenders take responsibility and accountability for their abusive behaviors. Clients are typically referred by probation officers.
  • 24-hour crisis hotline at both crisis shelters.

Crisis Nursery

Phone:  (602) 273-7364

Crisis Nursery, Inc. is a 501(C)-3, non-profit, charitable organization that provides emergency shelter and support services to children who are at risk for abuse and neglect. Since our inception in 1977, CNI has provided services to crime victims and has served over 16,000 children.  Our mission is to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect. In order for children, who have been victims of crime, to succeed in life, they require services to address their behavioral, emotional, educational and medical needs.  CNI offers an array of support services which include crisis counseling, information and referral, medical evaluation and treatment, social work and advocacy services, speech and language screenings and educational and development services. These young victims need an environment where they could be assessed and have an opportunity to experience success and growth. Our comprehensive program of social work, health care and educational services for all children admitted has proven critical to the identification of chronic health conditions, developmental delays, and behavioral and social issues that posed barriers to these youngsters ultimately succeeding in school, in future placements and in life. With the support of clinical staff, our care giving staff and volunteers are able to help these children begin to heal and develop the skills they will need to navigate the challenges that life will offer them, as well as having the opportunities that all children need to experience childhood and achieve skills that will last them a lifetime. Services are available to residents of Maricopa County and members of the Gila River Indian Community. Crisis Nursery, Inc. is a fully licensed Child Welfare Agency through the Arizona Department of Economic Security (Provider #860324144A3).

De Colores Domestic Violence Shelter

Hotline:  (602) 269-1515

De Colores Domestic Violence Shelter opened its doors in 1985 to serve as a safe haven for women and their children who have been forced to flee their home due to domestic violence. De Colores has developed a special focus on monolingual Spanish speaking women and their children.  As a result, it has become the only domestic violence shelter in Maricopa County in which all staff and services are bicultural and bilingual. The facility includes 58 beds, a laundry facility, indoor and outdoor play areas, a learning center, a communal kitchen and dining area. Staff is available 24 hours a day.

The Crisis Program provides safe and secure shelter, three meals a day with two snacks, clothing, and toiletries, to the residents.  In addition, De Colores provides safety planning, a 24-hour bilingual hotline, case management, counseling, transitional housing, education assistance, life and parenting skills development, legal advocacy, financial literacy, and affordable permanent housing opportunities. Each child three years or older that enters the program is assigned a Child Development Specialist and participates in the Ahijado program.

The Legal Advocates at De Colores encourage crime victims to engage the criminal justice system by educating them about the different processes that are available to them such as orders of protection, victim rights, assistance and compensation.  The advocates provide examples of the benefits of working within the criminal justice system. De Colores teaches and encourages the victim to work with confidence with the justice system to ensure the well-being of the family.


Hotline:  (480) 736-4949
Hotline:  1-800-656-HOPE (Toll-free)

EMPACT-SPC, a partner agency with La Frontera, Inc., was founded in 1987 to provide community-based suicide prevention, family systems-based crisis intervention, and counseling services. The agency believes in the intrinsic value and goodness of the individual, family, and the community. We affirm the power of healthy families and communities as the foundation of positive change. Behavioral health and wellness are a function of healthy relationships in families and communities. Through VOCA funding, EMPACT-SPC began the Sexual Assault Program in 2002 in response to a community need, expanding the agency’s scope of practice to include targeted services for victims of sexual assault and child sexual abuse; in the fall of 2006 our department name was changed to Trauma Healing Services, thereby more accurately describing the services we provide within the larger agency. In accordance with this name change, in FY 2008 we created services available to victims of domestic violence and hate crimes in addition to sexual assault. We provide a comprehensive array of integrated services to victims of sexual or domestic violence and their loved ones, including 24/7 face-to-face crisis counseling and follow-up through mobile crisis teams, as well as crisis hotline counseling and information-referral through our 24/7 Sexual Assault Hotline. In addition, licensed therapists provide individual and group therapy and trained case managers/advocates provide personal advocacy. We also collaborate with community agencies and provide community outreach and training services. All services are free of charge and available in-office in Tempe or Glendale, and in-home throughout Maricopa County.

Eve's Place

Hotline:  (623) 537-5380
CONTACS:  1-800-799-7739 (Shelter placement assistance)

Located in northwest Maricopa County, Eve’s Place currently offers domestic violence services primarily in this geographic area. Domestic violence victims from all areas of the state are welcome at Eve’s Place Safe House, to call the Crisis Line, or to attend support groups. Eve’s Place accepts clients from outside our area on space available basis. Women of all ages and children, both boys and girls up to age 18, are welcome at the Safe House. Male victims are served by Eve's Place through hotel stays with services delivered on site at the hotel.  Male victims are assisted with all the services available to female victims except living in the Safe House.  The Crisis Line and the Support Groups are open to victims of all ages.  Eve’s Place offers support groups, a 24 hour help line, a Safe House, transitional housing and also priority placement in long-term affordable housing. In all of these venues, volunteers and staff use an empowerment model. As appropriate, clients are assisted in obtaining an Order of Protection, accessing medical and social services, and finding safe housing. A client advocate or a volunteer will accompany them to these resources when requested. Clients are also given referrals to the Legal Hotline. Eve's Place works directly with the City of Surprise to provide additional support to domestic violence victims who live within the city, making sure they have a safe place.

Free Arts of Arizona

Phone:  (602) 258-8100

Free Arts of Arizona, founded in 1993, is a nonprofit organization that brings therapeutic, creative arts programming to abused, neglected and at-risk children ages 3 to 21 that live in 30+ partner non-profit organizations with 110+ sites (residential treatment centers, group homes and crisis shelters) throughout Maricopa County. Free Arts is the only organization in Maricopa County that specifically targets the healing effects of the arts to children living in treatment centers, group homes and crisis centers. Free Arts offers the following four victim services programs to over 6,100 children each year.

Weekly Mentors are positive role models who make a one-hour per week commitment to share their love of the arts with a group of youth living in one of our partner facilities. With the help of one or more fellow volunteers, Mentors develop curriculum for and lead weekly sessions at a facility site, attend mentor meetings, and assist with tracking the number of children we serve through the program.

Multicultural Arts Camp Series: At camp, youth explore various art forms alongside professional teaching artists, experienced staff and caring volunteers in a day camp environment. The youth at MAC camp discover/express their inner talents while overcoming barriers and building bridges to others and the world around them.

Professional Artist Series: These series consist of in-depth programs, ranging from 3-10 sessions led by commissioned, professional teaching artists. The programs are held at partner agencies and alternative/at-risk schools. The programs culminate in an event where youth can showcase their work.

Free Arts Days are one day “Festival of the arts” for children and families who live in group homes, treatment centers or homeless shelters. At these events, children are exposed to an array of art activities which allow them to explore their creative talents while forming a bond with a caring adult.

Glendale Police Department Victim Assistance

Phone: (623) 930-3030

People who experience a traumatic event in their lives often have a variety of physical and emotional responses. The Glendale Victim Assistance staff is available to talk about the crime and its impact on you. There are many facets of the criminal justice system that can be confusing if you do not have the information or the support you need. The Glendale Victim Assistance staff, located at the Glendale Family Advocacy Center, offers support in:

  • Coping with the effects of trauma
  • Crisis counseling
  • Safety planning
  • Crime Victims’ Rights
  • Current status of a criminal case
  • Criminal Justice System procedures
  • Orders of Protection or Injunctions Against Harassment
  • 911 cell phone
  • Victim Compensation claims
  • Superior Court resources and civil options
  • Community resource and referral
For More Information about Victim Assistance or to get help, call the number above or visit the Glendale Family Advocacy Center at 4600 W Glendale Ave., Glendale, AZ 85301.

HomeBase Youth Services

Phone:  (602) 254-7777

HomeBase Youth Services was founded in 1991 to address the needs of homeless youth ages 18-21, who are living on the streets of Arizona. The majority of youth served in our programs have been victims of child abuse, molestation in childhood, domestic violence, physical assault, and child sexual abuse. HomeBase Youth Services maintains three facilities in which programs are administered in the Phoenix metropolitan area: the Outreach Center, the Nicholas Transitional Living Center, and the Independent Living Center. HomeBase offers a complete continuum of care for at-risk and homeless youth. Programs include Prevention, Street Outreach, Mobile Medical Outreach, an Outreach Center, a Transitional Living Program, an Independent Living Program, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, Life and Employment Skills Training, Education Services and Workforce Initiative. Within these programs, HomeBase Youth Services offers crisis counseling, follow-up contact, group treatment and support, transitional housing, information, referral, and connection, criminal justice support, emergency financial assistance, food, clothing, and bus tickets, assistance in filing compensation claims, personal advocacy, substance abuse counseling, and street outreach. HomeBase Youth Services' comprehensive programs address the interrelated problems of homelessness, drug addiction, mental illness and crime victimization in an environment in which youth feel safe and are willing to accept help. While most clients come primarily from Maricopa County, some come from out of state. Clients can reach HomeBase by calling the Outreach Center at (602) 254-7777.

Jewish Family and Children’s Services - Shelter Without Walls

Phone:  (602) 452-4640

JFCS created Shelter Without Walls in 1998 to address the unmet need in the community for expanded support services for survivors of domestic violence and their children who are residing outside of a shelter setting and are struggling to maintain safety and independence. Shelter Without Walls’ individualized, comprehensive services include: confidential screening, assessment and intake; comprehensive case management; advocacy; basic needs assistance; employment readiness assistance; financial management education; linkages to community resources; legal advocacy; safety planning; domestic violence and victims’ rights education; individual, family and group counseling; parenting skills development; specific financial assistance; mentoring; and aftercare support. Services are designed to wrap survivors and their children in comprehensive supports that increase their chances for success in maintaining safety and independence, improving emotional health, reducing the risk of returning to an abusive partner, and assisting in breaking the cycle of violence and becoming self-sufficient. Victims not seeking comprehensive services may choose to access crisis counseling and information and referral services only by telephone.  Shelter Without Walls services are provided at no charge to victims of domestic violence and their children who are residing throughout Maricopa County, without regard to age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, family size, faith or income.

In July 2003, JFCS formally collaborated with the Phoenix Family Advocacy Center (FAC) to expand program services by housing a Bilingual Resource Specialist at the FAC to provide comprehensive and telephone services to victims of domestic violence accessing the Center.

Maricopa County Attorney - Victim Assistance Program

Phone: (602) 506-8522

The Maricopa County Attorney Victim Restitution program provides support to all victims of crime where they are legally entitled to restitution during the prosecution of the perpetrators by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. The region served is the 9,222 square miles of Maricopa County. The Maricopa County Attorney's Office Victim Services Division serves all victims of crime among the approximately 3,907,492 people in the County. Victims are provided Constitutionally mandated victim notification services, advocacy, crisis and short term counseling, escort to court proceedings and interviews, home and office visits, information and referral to social service and criminal justice agencies, emergency financial assistance, advocacy in filing orders to pay restitution, assistance in filing order of protection, assistance in filing compensation claims, and other personal advocacy. The mailing address is: Victim Services Division, Maricopa County Attorney's Office, 301 W. Jefferson, Suite 900, Phoenix, AZ 85003.

Mesa City Prosecutor's Office - Victim Services Unit

Phone: (480) 644-2188 (Monday-Thursday from 7am-6pm)

Since the inception of our Victim Services Unit in 1991, the Mesa City Prosecutor's Office has provided over 320,000 services to more than 80,000 victims. We are committed to ensure that victims of crime are notified and supported throughout the criminal justice process.  Our Office provides mandated, direct and court-related services to victims of misdemeanor crimes committed in the City of Mesa, prosecuted through seven criminal divisions in the Mesa Municipal Court.  We offer services such as personal advocacy, criminal justice support/advocacy, and appropriate and timely notification, which includes telephone, mail and in-person contact.  Our letters, forms and pamphlets are informative and beneficial to all victims of crime.

We have a diverse staff that has a combined total of over 20 years experience in the victim services field.  Crime victims or their family members can contact our victim services staff in-person Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at 245 West 2nd Street, Suite 201 – Mesa, Arizona or by phone at the number above.  They can also reach us by mail at the same address listed above.  Most importantly, if a victim is in an emergency situation, they should contact the Mesa Police Department by calling 9-1-1.

Mesa Police Department - Victim Services Unit

Phone: (480) 644-4075

The Mesa Police Department began the Victim Assistance Program in 1993 and at inception, the program was staffed with volunteers and managed by a Victim Assistance Coordinator.  In 1996, the Center Against Family Violence (CAFV) was opened and this became the site that housed the Victim Services Unit (VSU).  Currently, the VSU has grown to include personnel to address three primary functions--Victim Notification, VAPs volunteers, and Victim Services. Victim Notification personnel are responsible for contacting victims of misdemeanor arrests via phone and/or written communication to advise of victims' rights, request/waiver procedures, information regarding arrests, initial appearances, releases, and release conditions. VAPs volunteers are responsible for providing 24-hour, 365 day on-call coverage for on-scene response at the request of sworn personnel to address immediate needs of individuals. While these services are primarily available to Mesa sworn personnel, they are also available to sworn personnel from other local/state agencies. Victim Service personnel are responsible for providing crisis intervention, educational and emotional support, assistance with victim compensation applications, referrals to community services and transfer of advocacy to victims of crime. These services are provided primarily to victims of Mesa crimes, but are also available to any local, state, or federal crime victim.  VSU personnel routinely provide information and referrals to other agencies and departments that are housed in the CAFV.  Additionally, VSU personnel provide information and referrals to family/friends of victims, other victim service agencies, and other community-based social service agencies.  Crime victims should report all emergencies by calling 911 and all non-emergent Mesa crimes by calling 480-644-2211.

My Sister's Place (Catholic Community Services)

24-hour Crisis Line: (480) 821-1024
CONTACS:  1-800-799-7739 (Shelter placement assistance)
National Domestic Violence hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE(7233)

My Sisters’ Place, a 25-bed facility, opened in 1985 to address the unmet need for safe, stable housing for victims of domestic violence in the East Valley. Located in Chandler, it is one of only two domestic violence shelters in the East Valley. While most participants enter the program from within Maricopa County, My Sisters’ Place is able to serve victims from throughout Arizona and nationwide. Services are provided to victims of domestic violence and their children, without regard to race, ethnicity, language, disability, family size, income or religion. The VOCA funded child and adult case managers provide a stable and consistent point of contact for women and children entering the shelter. All VOCA case managers utilize an empowerment model that integrates a holistic, strengths-based approach to service delivery. Participation in the program centers around an individualized service plan (ISP) that acts as a roadmap to safety and self-sufficiency. Services are solution-focused and aimed at specific goal achievement and may last up to 120 days. My Sisters’ Place wraps victims and their children in comprehensive supports that address immediate safety, and emotional and physical needs; resolve or alleviate issues related to their immediate crisis; and assist in exploring viable options to live free from abuse.  Services are provided free of charge, 365 days per year. Services include: a 24-hour hotline; confidential screening, assessment and intake; up to 120 days of emergency shelter; development of an individualized service plan (ISP); advocacy; basic needs assistance; linkages to community resources; legal advocacy; safety planning; domestic violence education; assistance with filing for victims compensation; counseling; parenting skills development and other ISP identified needs.

New Life Center

Phone: (623) 932-4404 ext. 123
CONTACS: 1-800-799-7739  (Shelter placement assistance)

New Life Center was started in 1991.  Due to the prevailing need for safety and the need for a domestic violence victim to locate outside of her home community, we provide shelter to families from throughout the state of Arizona.  However, most families we serve are from Maricopa County.  Most victims enter New Life Center through phone calls to the domestic violence CONTACS hot line 1-800-799-7739.  In addition, we receive referrals through law enforcement and other social service agencies.  Some victims contact us directly at 623-932-4404 or through our website   We offer a 120 day program designed to help families start independent, violence-free lives.  Emergency shelter service meets the most immediate basic need for a victim entering the Center by providing safety.  We also provide necessary living needs—food, clothing, and bedding—since most victims enter with nothing.  Advocacy assists families in working towards short- and long-term goals such as employment and long-term housing.  New Life Center’s Jobs Program assists unemployed and under-employed women in increasing their job readiness skills and pursuing employment goals.  Our Children’s Program uses advocacy, art therapy and music therapy to assist young victims during this critical time. 

In addition to Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter Service, New Life Center provides outreach in the West Valley.  The Outreach Program offers support groups in Tolleson, Glendale, Avondale, Goodyear and Buckeye.  Support groups offer victims support and encouragement as they plan to leave abusive situations and ongoing support for those who have been victimized in the past.  In addition, the program provides speakers and training to law enforcement, schools, employers and service groups on the issue of domestic violence.  Victims access the Outreach Program by calling 623-932-4404, ext. 123. 

Parents of Murdered Children

Phone:  (602) 254-8818 (voicemail - please leave message)

Parents of Murdered Children (POMC) provides emotional support for the aftermath of murder for the family and friends of a homicide victim and education to assist them through both traumatic grief and the confusing maze of the criminal justice system.  We currently serve victims in Maricopa and Pinal County (Apache Junction).  POMC provides a monthly newsletter, two monthly support meetings and a monthly speaker/information meeting. We provide two annual grief retreats, victims' rights vigil, holiday memorial, speaker impact panels, phone friends, crisis intervention and referrals.

Pathways (Catholic Community Services)

Phone: (602) 819-0082

Pathways was created in 1999 to address the unmet needs of victims of domestic violence who are residing outside of a shelter setting and are struggling to maintain safety and independence. Services are designed specifically for victims who were “falling through the cracks” in the continuum of services offered in Maricopa County, including: (1) victims transitioning out of local shelters who need additional support; (2) victims who are living independently from their abusive partners, but are struggling to maintain independent housing due to safety and financial barriers; and (3) victims who are living independently from their abusive partners and have stable housing, but are in need of services and community supports to maintain safety and emotionally heal. Services are provided free of charge to victims of domestic violence and their children, without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, income or religion. Operating under the framework of an empowerment model, services include: confidential screening, assessment and intake; transitional housing; basic needs assistance; financial management education; employment assistance; legal advocacy; safety planning; domestic violence and victims rights education; assistance with filing victims compensation claims; counseling; financial assistance and others. Participation centers around an individualized service plan, which acts as a roadmap to safety and self-sufficiency. Although services are aimed at specific goal achievement, the length of participation is dependent upon each individual’s needs and may last up to 24 months. Pathways services ultimately wrap victims and their children in comprehensive supports that increase their chances for success in maintaining safety and independence, improve emotional health, reduce the risk of returning to an abusive partner, and assist in breaking the cycle of violence.

Peoria Police Department's Victim Assistance Services

Phone:  (623) 773-7019

The Peoria Police Department’s Victim Assistance Services program assists those who are victims of crime within its jurisdiction.  Assistance includes, but is not limited to, information and referral, advocacy, updates and follow up on case status, non emergency transportation and accompaniment to case related hearings or interviews, assistance with victim compensation claims, and obtaining orders of protection.  We generally serve victims of all types of crime within our jurisdiction, with a focus on victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, crimes against children, DUI, and homicide survivors. 

Phoenix Fire Department

Phone:  (602) 261-8849
Dispatch Center: (602) 495-5555

The Phoenix Fire Department's Community Assistance Program (CAP) Crisis Response Units provide 24/7 on-scene victim assistance, crisis intervention, emotional support, resources, referrals, shelter placement, emergency financial assistance for basic needs, transportation, and investigative liaison assistance throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. CR units are dispatched to provide assistance through the Regional Fire Dispatch System when requested by police and fire personnel, domestic violence shelters, The Family Advocacy Center or other CAP staff. CR Units respond to sexual assault, domestic violence, traffic accidents involving death or impairment, child abuse or neglect, elder abuse, assaults, kidnappings, human trafficking, robbery and homicides. Victims or other agencies in need of assistance or questions can contact us at 602-261-8849 or through the Fire Alarm Dispatch Center 495-5555. 

Phoenix Prosecutor's Office - Victim Services Program

Phone:  (602) 261-8192

The City of Phoenix Prosecutor's Office Victim Services Program was established in 1986.  The Program serves victims and witnesses of misdemeanor crimes that occur within the City of Phoenix. Victim advocates provide victims with emotional support and information about the criminal justice system.  Advocates provide the following services: escorts to all court hearings, employ empathetic listening skills when the victim retells their victimization, emergency financial assistance for the immediate aftermath of the crime and a separate area for victims to wait before they testify.  Advocates ensure victims' safety by providing: lock changes, safety plans, hotel rooms when shelters are not available and escorts to and from their car while they are at court, if needed.

Advocates provide information by advising victims of their rights, explaining the judicial system, keeping the victim updated as to the status of the case, acting as a liaison between prosecutors, judges, court staff and other agencies. Advocates also provide a multitude of local resources that are applicable to the victim's needs.  These include referrals to appropriate non-profit and government agencies.

The types of services provided are listed in the City of Phoenix Police Department’s "Your Rights As “A Crime Victim” pamphlet that is handed out at the scene of the crime.  If it is determined a victim did not receive a pamphlet at the scene or it has been misplaced then a “Information for Victims in Phoenix Municipal Court" pamphlet will be sent to the victim which covers all the victims’ rights.  Victims also receive the Victim Services number, 602-261-8192, on both pamphlets and the notification letters that are sent out by the Prosecutor’s Office when a case is charged.

Salvation Army - Elim House Domestic Violence Shelter

24-hour Crisis Line: (602) 267-4111
CONTACS: 1-800-799-7739 (Shelter placement assistance)

The Salvation Army opened the doors of the Elim House Domestic Violence Shelter in July 2001. Since then, Elim House has provided safe haven and supportive services to women and children fleeing the terror of violence in their home. Elim House provides emergency shelter and supportive services necessary to heal and reclaim personal power.   Elim provides emergency shelter for up to 120 days to female survivors and their children residing in Maricopa County and across the state of Arizona. Clients are victims of Domestic Violence to include: victims of kidnapping, assault, stalking, and molestation. The shelter provides extensive supportive services to survivors including advocacy, case management, crisis counseling for adults and children (individual/group/family), domestic violence education (adults/children), and material and transportation assistance. In addition, staff guide survivors through the process of creating a personal legal case plan, provide Legal Information Groups, provide information on victim’s rights and legal options, and connect them with professional legal services/advice for pursuing the criminal justice process.  Adults meet with case managers to develop individualized case and safety plans for their families, and obtain resource and referral information. Crisis calls are answered and phone screenings conducted on a 24/7 basis at 602-267-4111, or through referral by CONTACS, DV Stop, or other shelters.

Sojourner Center

24-hour Crisis Line: (602) 244-0089 or 1-888-886-8793
TTY: 1-888-886-8794

Sojourner Center is a domestic violence program that provides shelter and supportive services to those who have experienced domestic violence. Sojourner Center is located in Central Phoenix and primarily serves Maricopa County, however there are no residency criteria for services. Services include emergency shelter, transitional housing, safety planning, advocacy, case management, family support, licensed childcare, and legal assistance.

Surprise Police Department's Victim Assistance Unit

Phone:  (623) 222-4312
Main Number:  (623) 222-4000
Surprise Police Victim Advocacy

The Surprise Police Department’s Victim Assistance Unit (VAU) was established in 2003 and since its inception has been committed to the preservation and protection of the rights of crime victims within the City of Surprise.  The Surprise Police Department recognizes that many innocent people suffer economic loss, injury, or death due to criminal acts.  Therefore, victims and witnesses are treated with compassion, respect, and dignity.

The VAU links victims of crime to informational resources and support for traumatic incidents including, but not limited to the following: sexual assault, homicide, robbery, child abuse, elder abuse, domestic violence, DUI/DWI crashes, harassment, stalking and fraud.

The VAU provides these additional services: Crisis response/intervention, emotional support, update victims on case status, escort victims to court, assist victims obtain an Order of Protection or Injunction Against Harassment, accompany victims to interviews pertaining to their case, help domestic violence victims create a safety plan, locate shelter for domestic violence victims, explain the judicial process, assist victims with filing compensation claims, provide resources and referrals.

Tempe's Care 7 Program

Phone:  (480) 350-2969

CARE 7 is the City of Tempe's Crisis Response Team.  We are a group of dedicated and professionally trained staff and community members who provide 24 hour, on-scene crisis intervention services in Tempe.  CARE 7 provides immediate, high quality crisis services, emotional support, and referral to community members who have been faced with trauma.  We are able to focus on the emotional and practical needs of the individual in crisis while police and fire personnel attend to law enforcement, medical emergency and fire suppression needs.  In addition to the mobile team, CARE 7 employs Victim Advocates in an effort to provide comprehensive support to all victims of crime in Tempe.  These services include information, referral, and linkage to community agencies/resources; transportation to shelters, hospitals, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), and other safe places for victims; satellite Orders of Protection, court accompaniment, and follow-up support with city sponsored counseling services.  The Victim Advocates also provide information and assistance with obtaining victim compensation for crime victims.  Our goal is to provide a continuum of care for all victims in the city of Tempe and to encourage them to participate in the criminal justice system. 

UMOM New Day Centers

Phone: (602) 275-7852

UMOM New Day Centers (UMOM) operates a 14-unit, 56 bed emergency shelter for women, with or without children, who are fleeing abusive relationships.  The domestic violence shelter provides women from throughout Maricopa County with immediate, safe, temporary housing; meals; safety planning; and case management to assist with securing other resources such as social services, employment, and affordable housing.  Support groups, education, and advocacy for issues involving children are also available.  Women and their children can stay in emergency shelter for up to 120 days.  Case management staff assists women in transitioning into safe housing after they leave emergency shelter.

UMOM is a nonsectarian, nonprofit organization serving homeless and low-income families including families experiencing domestic violence.  UMOM has served the Phoenix metropolitan area since 1964 and has been a provider of shelter services to homeless persons since 1987.  UMOM accomplishes its mission through the operation of the UMOM New Day Center Homeless Shelter Programs (120 day emergency and 24 month transitional shelter), the Lamplighter Place (serving seriously mentally ill persons), the Watkins Overflow Shelter (serves up to 120 single women and 20 families), and UMOM’s Domestic Violence Shelter (56 beds).  We serve more than 400 individuals each day at our main campus– more than half of whom are children.  UMOM is accredited by the Council on Accreditation, an international accrediting organization.