Crime Victims Services - Coconino County Services

Childhelp Children's Center of Arizona
Mobile Advocacy Center of Northern Arizona

Phone:  1-800-232-1018 (Safe Child Center)

The Childhelp Children’s Center of Arizona (CCCA), located in Phoenix, is the premier “one stop” advocacy center in the state that provides comprehensive, coordinated investigational resources, medical treatment, mental health therapy and victim support services to child victims of abuse. Operating under the auspices of the CCCA, the Mobile Advocacy Center of Northern Arizona was established in 2003 in partnership with the Safe Child Center at the Flagstaff Medical Center and local law enforcement. The mobile center, a specially outfitted motor home, serves victims and their families at multiple sites in Apache, Coconino and Navajo counties. The Mobile Unit provides professional services and state-of-the art telemedicine technology for the forensic interview and medical examination of abused/neglected children up to the age of 18 years old. The multidisciplinary team (MDT) takes “help” on the road in response to a disclosure of abuse. Additional services include crisis intervention to victims and non-offending family members, victim’s compensation assistance, educational literature on child abuse and substance abuse, and local resource referral information including counseling, legal aid, healthy parenting, substance abuse cessation, shelter services, orders of protection, and emergency assistance. Program goals include reducing victim trauma, providing crisis intervention for the victim and their family, and promoting a more successful conviction rate through community partnerships with CPS, the FBI, local law enforcement and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Victims are directly scheduled through Safe Child Center by calling 1-800-232-1018 and are referred by Child Protective Services, the FBI, local Police Departments, or BIA.

DNA People's Legal Services

Flagstaff:  (928) 774-0653
Chinle:  (928) 674-5242
Window Rock: (928) 871-4151
Tuba City: (928) 283-5265
Keams Canyon: (928) 738-2251
Mexican Hat, UT (435) 739-4380 (this office serves UT and AZ residents)

DNA, an acronym for Diné Be’iiná Náhiilna Be Agha’diit’ahii, in Navajo means “attorneys who work for the revitalization of the people”. Annually DNA assists nearly 4,000 individuals by helping them secure and sustain basic needs - safe housing, protection from violence, employment, healthcare and public benefits. We provide free civil legal aid to qualifying residents in portions of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, including the Navajo Nation, Coconino County, Arizona, and tribal members of the Kaibab Paiute, San Juan Southern Paiute, Hopi, Havasupai and Hualapai tribes.

DNA assists victims of domestic violence to understand and participate in the justice system, to stabilize their lives, secure economic support for themselves and their children and to escape further abuse. Victims can seek assistance at six Arizona offices, or be referred by other agencies, courts or law enforcement. Our services include: advice or brief service (such as help with petitions for Orders of Protection or other court documents, assistance seeking victim compensation, sending letters, placing phone calls); referrals to other agencies; safety planning; assistance during Protection Order proceedings or hearings for custody of abused children; and/or preparing their court pleadings, preparing victims for court hearings, and attending hearings with victims. We provide a broad range of services, but in some instances ethical constraints prevent DNA from providing services to victims, most often when there may be a professional conflict of interest.

Northland Family Help Center

24-hour Crisis Line: (928) 527-1900
24-hour toll-free Crisis Line: 1-877-634-2723
Phone: (928) 527-1900
Administration: (928) 774-4503

Northland Family Help Center provides: A 24-hour crisis line, domestic violence shelter for women and their children, short-term shelter for children, professional counseling for victims of crime, legal advocacy for those dealing with domestic violence, and community education for sexual violence prevention. Most of our service consumers reside in Coconino County and the greater Northern Arizona region, including on Native American tribal lands. We focus our services on victims/survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, adults and children, female and male.

Page Regional Domestic Violence Services

Phone: (928) 645-5300

Page Regional Domestic Violence Services extend in an 80-mile radius of Page that includes the northern Navajo Nation: LeChee, Kaibito, Shonto, Inscription House, Coppermine, Gap, Bitter Springs, Cedar Ridge, in Page, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Arizona, and Big Water and Church Wells in southern Utah. PRDVS is the only domestic violence/sexual assault program in this region.

Another Way Victim Service Program provides to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault: 39 emergency shelter beds, crisis counseling, case management, group process, advocacy, criminal justice support, emergency legal advocacy, assistance filling out compensation claims, and information, twenty-four hour emergency response team, referral, and connection to community services. The agency has a job-training program and 2 child advocates to provide enrichment activities for children in the shelter.

Page Regional Domestic Violence Services provides crisis response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, either through the Emergency Mobile Response Team (EMRT) that can be reached by calling Page or Tuba City police dispatch, or a crisis advocate that can be reached at 928-645-5300. Email is

Safe Child Center at Flagstaff Medical Center

Phone:  (928) 773-2053 (Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:30pm)
After hours: (928) 779-3366 and ask for shift coordinator

The Safe Child Center at Flagstaff Medical Center serves abused and traumatized children from birth through 18 years old and extends services to adult victims with developmental disabilities throughout Coconino, Navajo, and Apache counties, including Indian Nations with mobile unit service. We work in partnership with other agencies to achieve a coordinated, comprehensive evaluation of child victims.  Medical evaluations are conducted to assess the overall well-being of the child with an emphasis on signs and symptoms of abuse, including injury, infection, and recoverable evidence.  Digitally recorded interviews are in collaboration with investigative agencies to improve the quality and admissibility of evidence. Team members participate in case review, investigative protocol training, victim rights and compensation assistance, referrals for counseling and other services, trauma assessments and counseling, and are available for court testimony.  Safe Child responds with child-friendly, developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive approaches to reassure children about their health and facilitate healing.  We encourage family members to share concerns and ask questions about their child's well being, how to better support their child, and work with the judicial system.  Safe Child Center accepts referrals for suspected child abuse, suspected abuse of developmentally delayed adults, and child witnesses to crime or violence from regional law enforcement, child protection, and the judicial system. 

Tohdenasshai Shelter Home

Phone: (928) 697-8591
Toll-free Crisis Line: 1-877-697-8591

Tohdenasshai Shelter Home is located in Kayenta, Arizona on the Navajo Nation. Tohdenasshai Shelter Home has been in operation since 1982.  The shelter provides 24-hour shelter assistance to families experiencing domestic violence. We primarily serve Navajo, Coconino and Apache County. Families who access our services will have advocates assist in addressing their basic needs and provide education and support.  Staff also provide community education, court support and goal planning.  We also provide outreach services to the Kayenta community and surrounding communities.

Verde Valley Sanctuary

Phone: (928) 634-2511
Toll-free: 1-800-930-SAFE

The Verde Valley Sanctuary (VVS) serves victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in the towns and rural areas of the Verde Valley of north-central Arizona, including the Yavapai-Apache Reservation. Our rural service area encompasses roughly 3,500 square miles and a total population of approximately 47,000. VVS provides emergency shelter, crisis intervention, a 24-hour hotline, counseling, child care and child therapy, legal advocacy, Hispanic outreach and translation, and youth prevention programming to women and families who have experienced domestic violence.

Victim Witness Services of Coconino County

Phone: (928) 679-7770

Victim Witness Services of Coconino County has been in business since 1984. Services are provided to individuals and groups who are victims of felony crimes and certain misdemeanor crimes that occur within Coconino County.

Victim Witness Services of Coconino County programs include:

  1. Victim Advocate Volunteer Program – trained community members, NAU students and staff respond 24/7 to assist victims of crimes/crises on-scene and/or off-scene.
  2. Victim and Witness Advocacy Program – victim advocates provide a multitude of services to help victims and witnesses recover from the trauma of crime, as well as to guide them through the criminal justice system.
  3. Crime Victim Compensation Program – V/WS administers the Coconino County Crime Victim Compensation Program.
  4. Call-to-Protect Program – cell phones are available for victims of domestic violence.
  5. Outreach Program – advocates travel countywide to provide direct services to victims who are unable to travel into Flagstaff.
  6. Community Education and Public Awareness – V/WS provides information and/or training relevant to crime intervention and prevention.
  7. Pets, Too! – grant funds are available to board the pets of domestic violence survivors seeking safety in a domestic violence shelter.