Crime Victims Services - Domestic Violence - Types of Domestic Abuse

Types of Abuse

Is this happening to you or someone you know?

Physical Abuse

Your partner...

breaks things
slaps or punches you
shoves you
bites you
chokes you
hurts your children

Verbal and Emotional Abuse

Your Partner...

calls you stupid or worthless
becomes extremely jealous of family and friends
has a temper that frightens you
says, "I did it for your own good"
calls you dirty names

Sexual Abuse

Your Partner...

accuses you of being unfaithful
will be pacified if you give in
forces you to do things you don't want to do sexually

Abuse through Control

Your Partner...

controls the money
tells you what to wear
monitors your whereabouts at all times
questions your parenting skills
criticizes you in front of the children
belittles your family and friends

These are all signs of an abusive relationship!

If you are experiencing these types of issues in your relationship you are not alone!   Services are available!

If you feel :

Afraid to tell others what is happening at home
It is all your fault.
You were wrong and somehow provoked the abuser.
The abuser should be forgiven because of abuse of alcohol or drugs.
No one else would want you.

You may be a victim of abuse and violence!

You are not alone!