Crime Victims Services - Virtual Domestic Violence Shelter Tour

The stories of women who obtain help from domestic violence shelters are as varied as life itself. Often we don’t want to know about women’s shelters until we realize we, or someone we love needs help. How do you find out about domestic violence shelters?

You may find out about domestic violence shelters through:

Victims Resources and Services

  • The mail
  • A law enforcement officer’s referral
  • A crime victim advocate or social worker
  • The courts
  • An Attorney
  • Your Church
  • A friend
  • A Co-worker
  • A flyer in a public restroom
  • Your Doctor
  • Even at your local Circle K
  • Through the National domestic violence hotline 1-800-799-7739

    You don’t have to stay at a shelter to access the services they can provide such as:

    Victims Resources and Services

  • A person to talk to on the phone
  • Information
  • Safety planning
  • Local resources such as food boxes and counseling
  • Links to legal advocacy


    Victims Resources and Services


    There are shelters throughout Arizona that you can be linked with. You may be surprised to learn that you have domestic violence shelter services within your community. You will be assisted in locating alternative shelter if your safety requires locating shelter outside of your community

    However if you have no safe place to go, you can feel relief at finding a safe refuge through a domestic violence shelter. It takes courage to make the first call. It is difficult to make decisions regarding a relationship, and the thought of leaving your home is difficult. Feeling fear and apprehension is normal. You may wonder what a shelter is like? Will it be cold and impersonal with people sleeping on cots? Does it cost money you don’t have? What kind of people will you encounter there? What kind of help can you expect? How safe will you be?