Crime Victims Services - Child Abuse - Rate your Child Safety


Take a moment to determine whether or not your child is able to accomplish the following items.

Yes  No   1.  Can your child recite full name, address, phone number including area code, city, and state?

Yes  No   2.  Can he/she use a phone to make a long distance call, dial direct or get operator assistance?

Yes  No   3.  Does he/she know to never enter anyone’s home without your permission?

Yes  No   4.  If separated from you in a store, would your child go to the nearest check-out clerk?

Yes  No   5.  Could he/she verify that the person is in fact a store employee?

Yes  No   6.  Would he/she know not to go into a parking lot either alone or if encouraged by an adult?

Yes  No   7.  Does your child know to always play with others - to go places on the “buddy system”?

Yes  No   8.  Does your child know that adults seldom ask children for directions and if approached by a car, they should never go near it or get in?

Yes  No   9.  Does your child know not to accept rides from a stranger or even acquaintances without your permission?

Yes  No   10.  If followed by an adult or stranger, would he/she know to proceed immediately to a place where there are other people; e.g. a store or a neighbor’s house?

Yes  No   11.  If home alone, does your child know not to answer the door or tell anyone over the phone that they are alone?

Yes  No   12.  Would your child yell “NO” and create a scene in public if they were being subjected to bad touches?

Yes  No   13.  Would he/she report to you if an adult asked them to keep a secret from you?

Yes  No   14.  Do you and your child have a code word to exchange if your plans change?

Yes  No   15.  Does your child know never to talk or accept gifts of any kind from strangers?

Every “No” answer indicates a risk for your child. You should ask your child these questions in a modified form as an added precaution.

This quiz furnished by Survivors and Victims Empowered