Crime Victims Services - Sexual Assault - Medical and Evidentiary Issues

Medical and Evidentiary Issues


Sexual assault victims are encouraged to tend to their medical needs as soon as possible.

Do not bathe, change clothes, drink, smoke, eat or urinate before going to the hospital. Take a change of clothing with you.

Do not rearrange or clean up the site of the assault, wherever it may have occurred.

Most hospitals or advocacy centers are equipped to treat sexual assault victims. In some parts of the state doctors will perform the exams, while in other areas like Pima and Maricopa counties, specially trained nurses will perform the exams.

Victims will be examined for evidence collection and also treated for injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancy.

Although individuals may have received antibiotics at the hospital to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, follow-up visits are recommended. Ask the medical staff when follow up visits should be scheduled.

Victims should be tested for HIV immediately following the assault and again in 6 months. For further recommendations regarding testing consult the medical staff assisting you.

If pregnancy is a possibility as a result of the rape, discuss your options with the medical staff assisting you.