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April 10, 2014, LEOSA instructors please use the revised application form for all LEOSA applicants Instructors must indicate what type of Judgmental Assessment was utilized while conducting the training and whether the student passed or failed the assessment.

Please allow 60 business days to process an application for a concealed weapons permit.


Arizona POST has adopted a new handgun qualification course. The 50-Shot Semi-Automatic Qualification Course has been circulating as a draft since last year was approved on November 14, 2012 by the POST Board.

This is the only authorized Semi-Auto Qualification Course for the Annual Firearms Qualifications as required per Rule 13-4-111C.

The previous Firearms Qualification Course has been renamed with Board approval to the 50-Shot Revolver Qualification Course.

The courses along with the existing Low Light - Night Time Course can be downloaded at

If you have any questions, please contact William Baker, (602) 223-2240.

All other previously approved courses that have been submitted by agencies as “alternate courses of fire” are no longer valid for the required annual qualifications.

Please share with your Training Staff and Firearms Instructors.

William “Dusty” Baker | Concealed Weapons Program Coordinator | Arizona Department of Public Safety.

P O Box 6488| Phoenix, AZ 85005-6488 | phone: 602.223.2240
fax: 602.223.2477 | email: on the web at

FYI – AZ POST has changed some of the terminology on the new Semi-Auto Qualification Course and Definitions since they were posted last week.

This was done to help answer some questions that we have been receiving from a number of Firearm Instructors.

You can see the changes at