Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

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The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement is a Bureau in the Arizona Department of Public Safety's Highway Patrol. The Bureau's mission is to assure the safety of the motoring public by enforcing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and through educational programs. The primary functions include inspections, weighing's and traffic enforcement.

In a joint effort between the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement officers enforce the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and the Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations. Commercial Vehicle Enforcement is also responsible for training local, county and tribal officers in conducting inspections, thereby assuring that regulations are enforced in a uniform manner. Because Federal regulations have been adopted by all states, national uniformity has been achieved. In addition to law enforcement activity, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement works with industry and other organizations to help spread the word about the importance of motor carrier safety

The biggest challenge to the Bureau is attempting to deal with the possible impact of NAFTA on commercial vehicle safety. Since little is known about the condition of Mexican vehicles which will cross the border into the state, officers in the Bureau have been conducting special enforcement details at the border and have informed Mexican carriers about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Officers are also training Mexican officers to conduct inspections in Mexico. This issue is at the forefront of the Bureau’s activities at the present time.

Over 46,000 inspections are conducted annually by officers throughout the state.