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Revolutionary DNA Testing Instruments Now Available to DPS Detectives

The Rapid DNA processing instruments will allow for quicker, more successful investigations

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 -

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The Arizona Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) Crime Laboratory has completed the validation process of its new Rapid DNA instruments, and the revolutionary new tools are now available for use during law enforcement investigations.

Recently, several DPS detectives completed a Rapid DNA operator’s course which qualifies them to process single source samples such as blood and saliva utilizing the newly validated instruments.

Vince Figarelli, the Crime Laboratory Superintendent at DPS, said, “DPS detectives who are trained to use these instruments will now be able to quickly identify investigative leads from samples left behind at a crime scene, even when a suspect is not in custody or identified.”

Figarelli added, “the biggest and most novel development offered by this new system is the ability to search Arizona Arrestee and Convicted Offender DNA profiles, potentially identifying investigative leads.”
A DPS detective with the Vehicular Crimes Unit (VCU) has already utilized the Rapid DNA process to identify a suspect. The detective processed a blood sample found within the interior of a vehicle and analyzed it by utilizing the Rapid DNA instrument.

The detective compared that blood sample to a known standard collected from the suspect. A usable DNA profile was obtained from both samples and the DNA profiles matched, confirming the origin of the blood sample.

More classes are upcoming for interested law enforcement agencies around the state.
Several more of the instruments will be purchased and placed in locations throughout the state.

For more information about the DPS Crime Laboratory, click the following link:

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