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DPS Helicopter Rescues Motorists Who Were Stranded During Flash Floods

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 -

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On Sunday, July 22, the Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) Air Rescue helicopter assisted the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office with several water rescues in Apache Junction. Severe flooding had overtaken several vehicles and homes and DPS Air Rescue was requested to locate and rescue any stranded motorists and/or residents.

A DPS Air Rescue helicopter was able to locate two men who had taken shelter in a tree to avoid being swept away by the quick moving flood waters. The men had been in vehicles caught up in the flood waters. One by one, the helicopter was able to drop a rope with a harness down to the men and lift them to safety.

The DPS helicopter went on to spot several other stranded residents and helped guide rescue personnel on the ground.

DPS Air Rescue continues to prove its lifesaving mission by not only proving immediate medical care and transport but the ability to air lift people from swift flood waters that can easily turn into a life-threatening situation.

The attached photo is from a previous training event.


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