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Arizona Department Of Public Safety Aviation Unit Participates In Operation “Angel Thunder”

Angel Thunder is the largest search and rescue exercise in the world and kicks off in Arizona this w

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 -

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This week, DPS Air Rescue will be taking part in operation “Angel Thunder”. The $1.75 million exercise includes the US military, over 40 non-military agencies and personnel from 12 allied countries. The military has 87 aircraft, 23 boats, and 2000 personnel involved. DPS will have two aircraft directly involved. One crew will be taking part in a search and rescue drill based out of northeast Arizona this weekend. A second crew will participate in a patient evacuation within the Phoenix metropolitan area.

In addition, DPS paramedics are being utilized to provide swift water rescue training on the Upper Salt River for military personnel.

The DPS aviation unit is comprised of both Air Rescue Helicopters and planes. The Air Rescue Helicopters are based in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and Kingman.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is a state-level law enforcement agency whose mission is to protect human life and property by enforcing state laws, deterring criminal activity and providing vital support to the State of Arizona and its citizens.