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Major snow storm expected in Arizona’s high-country beginning tomorrow morning

Use extreme caution if you must travel during the storm

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 -

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The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) has been advised that northern Arizona, above 5,000 feet, could receive upwards of 6-10 inches of snow accumulation beginning early Wednesday morning and lasting into Wednesday afternoon.

In addition, low overnight and morning temperatures are expected to cause a hard freeze making highways extremely slippery. If you must travel to the high country, please remember to be patient as traffic will be moving slowly. DPS will be shifting its Highway Patrol resources to make as many patrolmen available as possible to respond to emergency calls during this period.

To check the latest winter road conditions, call 5-1-1 or view the information on the web at

Remember, the speed limit is based on dry clear roads, do not drive too fast for conditions. Four-wheel drive does not permit you to drive faster on snow-packed or icy roads.

Leave at least 500 feet of distance between your vehicle and a snowplow or salt truck.

Make sure you have enough gas before you set out on the road. It can be hazardous to stop along the sides of the highway in these conditions.

Take note of mileposts, exit numbers or crossroads in case of an emergency so law enforcement officers or tow-truck operators can find you if your vehicle becomes disabled.