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Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) Seizes 84 pounds of Methamphetamine

DPS traffic stop results in the seizure of 84 pounds

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 -

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On June 6, 2011, DPS officers stopped a vehicle on Interstate 8 at Milepost 49 (near Tacna, Az) for an equipment violation. During the stop, several indicators of criminal activity were noticed and a written consent was obtained to search the vehicle. 41 packages of methamphetamine were discovered with an estimated weight of 41 pounds. The investigation into this traffic stop led DPS detectives to obtain a search warrant for the suspect’s residence in San Luis, Arizona. A total of 40 packages of methamphetamine were seized from the home with an estimated weight of 43 pounds. The total amount seized from both locations is 84 pounds of methamphetamine with a street value of $1,394,000.

Two suspects were arrested and booked.


Adrian Olivas Salazar 19, San Luis, Arizona (Driver)

Mark Anthony 18, San Luis, Arizona (Passenger)

Charges: Transport and Sale of dangerous drugs

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The Arizona Department of Public Safety is a state-level law enforcement agency whose mission is to protect human life and property by enforcing state laws, deterring criminal activity and providing vital support to the State of Arizona and its citizens.