scrap metal theft database


Starting January 1, 2012, all scrap metal businesses will be required to report their scrap metal data to the new AzDPS LeadsOnline system, pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes §44-1642, (Records of purchase; transaction limitations; age requirement for scrap metal seller; exception) and §44-1644(Report to the department of public safety; exemption; violation; classification).

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is charged with ensuring scrap metal business are provided with the means to comply with these statues, while also providing Law Enforcement agencies with access to this database for investigative and compliance purposes.

If you are a scrap metal dealer or business in Arizona, please follow this LeadsOnline link, to register and help stop scrap metal theft in Arizona.

If you have any questions relating to your business and the scrap metal theft laws in Arizona, you are encouraged to read the aforementioned laws and seek the advice of an attorney; as there are stiff penalties and even jail time in Arizona for businesses and persons who fail to comply.

If you have questions relating to the enforcement of these new laws, or wish to report a scrap metal theft, please contact your local Law Enforcement jurisdiction (Police or Sheriff) or the office of the Arizona Attorney General