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Summary Statement

The Cadet Officer participates in an academy training program to learn the general duties of police work. Upon graduation from the academy, the Cadet Officer is promoted to Officer and attends the DPS Advanced Basic Training, which includes training on Department policies, practices and standards. Lateral applicants who meet the qualifications for a Department of Public Safety Officer will also be required to attend the DPS Advanced Basic Training. An Officer is a fully certified law enforcement officer who, under supervision, patrols highways, enforces laws and ordinances, investigates collisions, and performs related duties. DPS Officers are assigned to locations throughout Arizona.


Cadet Officers earn an annual salary of $38,335 while in training at the Pre-Academy and the Arizona Law Enforcement (basic training) Academy (approximately 20 weeks). Upon graduation and certification, Cadets are promoted to Officer (entry level), with an annual salary of $44,724.99.

Qualified Certified Officers (regardless of length of prior service) who laterally transfer to the agency will receive the Officer Entry annual salary of $44,724.99.

Progression through the Officer classification includes Officer Midpoint (years 4 through 6 of DPS employment as an Officer) with a current salary of $53,692.91 and Officer Maximum (6 years or more of DPS employment as an Officer) salary of $62,660.


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