Physical Fitness

The test will consist of five events: Sit-ups, push-ups, 1.5 mile run, 300 meter run, and agility run. Each event will be scored individually as a pass or fail. The applicant must successfully complete each testing event to continue in the physical fitness testing. If the applicant does not successfully pass the fitness exam, they must wait until the next scheduled fitness test to retake the entire test. The below listed requirements are the bare minimum requirements for physical fitness at the basic training academy. You are expected to continue to improve upon these requirements during the testing process and you will be at a higher risk of failing out of the academy if you do not. Make sure you read over the “New hire fitness recommendations” document contained within the cadet officer application packet for more information.

Minimum requirements for the physical fitness test will be based on the following requirements:  

1.5 mile run
16:00 (min:sec)
300 meter run
73.2 seconds
24 reps
Agility run
21.8 seconds
28 reps


  • 1.5 MILE RUN - The applicant must run 1.5 miles within the time frame indicated. The run is administered on a 440 yard track where each lap is ¼ of a mile – six laps around the track equals 1.5 miles.
  • 300 METER SPRINT – The applicant must sprint 300 meters within the allotted time frame. The sprint is administered on a 440 yard track where approximately ¾ of a lap equals 300 meters.

  • PUSH-UPS - This is an untimed event. The applicant will start with the palms of their hands flat on the ground with their arms, legs and back straight; the applicants’ toes will be touching the ground (this is the starting position and the position of rest, if needed). A monitor will place a closed fist, thumb tucked into the fist, on the floor below the applicant’s chest. When told to begin, the applicant will bend the elbow, keeping the legs and back straight, until the chest touches the monitor’s fist and then return to the starting position – that is the definition of one complete and proper repetition. The applicant will do as many complete and proper repetitions as possible until muscle failure is achieved.
  • AGILITY RUN – The applicant begins in a prone position with hands on the start line. On the mark of “Go” the applicant quickly gets to their feet and sprints 30’ to the end of the far cone. The applicant’s foot must touch or go past the line and then they must return to the start line and turn around the first cone. The applicant serpentines the four cones up and back; then repeats the sprint to the far cone and back to the finish line. If for some reason the applicant falls or tumbles to the ground, the clock will not stop – the applicant will be expected to complete the agility run. The applicant is given two attempts at this event and the better time of the two attempts is the one awarded.
  • SIT-UPS - The applicant will start by lying on the ground on their back with knees bent at a 90 degree angle and feet flat on the ground. A monitor will hold the applicant’s feet in the only permissible way: The monitor will place the webbed area of each of their hands on top of the applicant’s feet and wrap their fingers around the applicant’s foot and press down; this is all the assistance the applicant will receive from the monitor. The applicant will utilize their abdominal muscles to bring the torso, shoulders and arms upward (up) until the elbows touch the knees, while at the same time exhaling, and then return to the start position, while at the same time inhaling. The start position is the “down” position. This will continue as many times as possible for one minute. The applicant’s hands must be placed behind the ears, with the fingers not interlocked. The fingertips must remain in contact with the back of the head at all times. If the applicant needs to rest during this exercise, the position of rest is the “up” position.
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