Officers DPSHow to Apply

The application packet must be completed and signed. The DPS and AZ POST applications MUST be notarized. Any incomplete, inaccurate or illegible application packet components will result in the entire packet being sent back to the applicant for correction(s) and the applicant will not be invited to participate in testing until a completed application packet has been submitted. Application packages are available from the DPS offices listed below or you may print an application packet by clicking on the following link:

  • Click Here to download the Sworn Application Packet

It is strenuously recommended that applicants complete their applications on their computer, using the Adobe program, and saving a copy of the application packets to their computer. This may prove very helpful if the applicant needs to update their application packet or provide another copy to DPS and they already have a copy on their computer to simply update and print [this is the preferred method].

Applicants may call the DPS Human Resource Office at (602) 223-2290 to request the application package by mail. The application forms must be submitted to DPS Human Resources Section, PO Box 6638, Phoenix, Arizona 85005-6638. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is received by the Human Resources Section. Please do not return applications to any DPS office other than Headquarters in Phoenix.

Ride Along

At least one ride along with a DPS Highway Patrol Officer is highly recommended. The ride along application (which must be completed by the applicant and approved by a DPS Supervisor prior to the applicant being scheduled by DPS for a ride along) can be downloaded by following the link below. The completed ride along application must be returned to the nearest Highway Patrol field office in relation to where you would like to do your ride along. Please DO NOT return the ride along application to the DPS Headquarters in Phoenix as Headquarters is not a field office.

Physical Locations to Obtain an Application

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