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Job Descriptions & Pay


Class Code: 5701
Salary Schedule: Approved Arizona Law Enforcement Merit System Council Salary Schedule
One Salary
Annual / Hourly
Step 1
Annual / Hourly
Step 2
Annual / Hourly
Step 3
Annual / Hourly
Step 4
Annual / Hourly
Step 5
Annual / Hourly
Step 6
Annual / Hourly
Step 7
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Step 8
Annual / Hourly
Step 9
Annual / Hourly
Annual salaries are calculations based on approved hourly rates.

Summary Statement: Performs clerical and technical functions related to the Department's human resources activities. This classification has extensive public contact duties to provide information or explain procedures. In addition, this classification performs human resources record-keeping and related functions. Incumbents normally function within a defined set of procedures/guidelines and are expected to handle day-to-day work with unusual problems being referred to a supervisor. Performs related duties as assigned. This is a competitive classification.

Essential Functions: (not intended to be all inclusive)

1. Screens incoming telephone calls in order to provide assistance or refer call to appropriate staff member.

2. Greets visitors to the section, providing assistance and/or referring to other section staff members.

3. Enters various information into computerized databases.

4. Files documents, maintaining confidentiality of employment records, and purging outdated records.

5. Prepares and issues identification cards.

6. Maintains logs of various items.

7. Assists analysts with special projects.

8. Orders, issues, and tracks various items (e.g., service award pins, badges, etc.).

9. Provides clerical support (e.g., copying, sorting, assembling, filing, typing, etc.).

10. Receives, and reviews for completeness, employment applications and other human resources forms.

11. Sorts and distributes section incoming mail and prepares outgoing mail.

12. Accesses criminal history databases to obtain pre-employment background information.

13. Researches and prepares written and statistical reports.

14. Verifies employment of current and past employees, by telephone or in writing.

15. Completes and maintains job interest cards.

16. Updates public job posting board.

17. Processes fingerprint cards.

18. Coordinates with data processing staff to resolve various database issues.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities Required: Knowledge of:

1. business English, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

2. modern office practices, procedures and equipment required to perform office functions in an efficient manner.

3. records management systems (both automated and paper files) to ensure accurate maintenance of files and ease of retrieval.

4. basic mathematics.

Skill in:

1. the use computer software programs.

2. the use of computer keyboards devices.

Ability to:

1. organize, prioritize, and perform multiple tasks.

2. establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of the assignment.

3. type and input data at a speed necessary for adequate job performance.

4. work under minimal supervision.

5. effectively communicate orally and in writing at all levels.


Office setting.

Minimum Qualifications: Requires any combination of office clerical experience (including public contact) and related education from an accredited college or university to total two (2) years.

Progression to the next pay level/step requires an overall performance rating of at least "Standard" in the last 12 months.

Must successfully complete the examination process.

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt


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