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Job Descriptions & Pay


Class Code: 3307
Salary Schedule: Approved Arizona Law Enforcement Merit System Council Salary Schedule
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Annual salaries are calculations based on approved hourly rates.

Summary Statement: Under direction, coordinates planning, construction, remodeling, custodial, landscape maintenance, security and building maintenance activities of various facilities of the Department; gives instructions to and reviews the work of maintenance, custodial and security personnel and/or contractors; aids in the planning, development and installation of new sites, facilities and buildings; and performs other tasks as assigned. This is a competitive classification.

Essential Functions: (not intended to be all inclusive)

1. Plans, organizes, assigns work to, supervises, and reviews the work of subordinate personnel to assure quality work is completed on schedule within safe conditions.

2. Schedules, plans, and writes work orders, inspections, and work notices to complete job assignments and building inspections on schedule using a computer, telephone, and answering machine.

3. Obtains estimates and quotes for materials needed for repairs using required purchase order forms and telephone.

4. Communicates orally and in writing with management, peers, subordinate personnel, Department employees, and the general public to arrange, schedule, and oversee completion of building maintenance activities using a computer, telephone and personal contact.

5. Establishes and maintains manual and automated filing systems to update and track information using paper files and a personal computer.

6. Designs buildings, sites, interior suite layouts, modular furniture layouts, miscellaneous structures and details in order to provide a safe and comfortable work environment for employees, and a safe and comfortable living environment for employees living in state housing using architectural/engineering reference books/publications, building and safety codes, a computer, AutoCAD and word processing software, and various drafting tools and supplies.

7. Develops formal bid contract documents to provide vendors with documents to facilitate bidding and construction of projects using architectural/engineering reference books and publications, building and safety codes, a computer, AutoCAD and word processing software, and various drafting tools/supplies.

8. Processes work requests (RFW's) to provide recommendations on requested improvements/modifications to Department facilities including cost estimates, designs, and scope of work, timing, and funding using a computer, miscellaneous office equipment, AutoCAD and word processing software, construction cost manuals, architectural/engineering reference books/publications, building and safety codes, and various drafting tools/supplies.

9. Inspects construction projects to ensure contractors conform with contract documents, building codes and time schedule using contract documents and building and safety codes.

10. Drafts and submits reports to document monthly activity, request assistance, advise of problems or needs, report project quality and completion, etc. using a computer, telephone, copier, FAX machine, forms (e.g. property inspection, purchase order, purchase requisition, travel claim, project time accounting, etc.).

11. Inspects Department buildings and property and generates work orders for necessary repairs to insure Department property is kept in good operating condition; checks for completion of vendor work and, ensures quality and safety of the work performed using senses; hand, power and specialty tools, inspection forms, and project schematics.

12. Evaluates employees' work performance to advise of the requirements and expectations of the position and provide feedback on performance using the required Department Performance Appraisal Manual and forms.

13. Provides direction and feedback to both subordinate staff and vendors to ensure assigned projects and tasks are completed accurately and by the specified due date using principles and practices of supervision and interpersonal communications.

14. Establishes performance measures, goals, objectives and priorities for subordinate staff using the Performance Appraisal Manual and commensurate forms.

15. Administers contracts (e.g. architectural, engineering, construction, operational, etc.) to assure that the Department is receiving the professional services agreed upon in the contract using a computer, telephone, word processing software and miscellaneous office equipment.

16. Prepares Invitations for Bid (IFB), Requests for Quotation (RFQ), Requests for Proposals (RFP), and formal bid specifications and documents to procure services, supplies, equipment, tools and materials for various construction projects and operational contract services using a computer, miscellaneous office equipment, AutoCAD and word processing software and drafting instruments.

17. Composes internal and external correspondence to provide information and resolve issues within the Department, with governmental agencies and external contractors using a computer, word processing software, and a FAX machine.

18. Conducts feasibility studies in order to determine cost and impact of projects using the computer and miscellaneous office equipment, AutoCAD software, and construction cost manuals.

19. Oversees the work of maintenance technicians on in-house building projects and building contract vendors to ensure construction projects are being performed within established time frames, building plans and building codes using the computer and miscellaneous trade equipment (e.g. level tape, transit , electronic measuring equipment.

20. Coordinates the access security of Department buildings to ensure safety of employees and security of buildings using locks, keys, access cards, security personnel, a computer, database software, miscellaneous locksmith tools and equipment, etc.

21. Conducts pre-bid, pre-construction and construction progress meetings to assure full understanding and contract compliance for both contractors and user groups using contract documents, contract administration forms, computer and office equipment.

22. Reviews bids and selects vendors in order to ensure compliance with the State Procurement Code and ensure that materials, equipment, services, etc., are in compliance with bid specifications.

23. Documents project progress in order to report progress to management and to provide backup material for invoice approval and contract compliance using a computer, miscellaneous office equipment, AutoCAD and word processing software, construction cost manuals, architectural/engineering reference books/publications, building and safety codes and various drafting tools/supplies.

24. Evaluates proposals, contracts and performance of architects, engineers, and construction and operational contractors to enable Department to ensure the best value of allocated funds and conform with the contract documents, using state procurement code, the computer, and word processing software.

25. Serves in the absence of the unit supervisor to ensure the efficient operation of assigned work unit.

26. Reviews and approves vendor invoices to ensure accuracy of figures and facilitate prompt payment to vendors using the computer, and miscellaneous office equipment.

27. Responds to emergency calls for assigned work area to perform emergency repairs during off-duty hours by using a pager, telephone, Department vehicle, hand tools, power and specialty tools, and necessary materials.

28. Drafts and submits budget requests for long-range planning and budgeting to unit manager using computer equipment and paper.

29. Drafts and submits to management proposed, new, or revised policies and procedures to provide an effective and efficient operation using a computer and Department General Orders.

30. Interviews prospective employees to select the best-qualified candidate for vacant positions within the work unit.

31. Negotiates architectural, operational and engineering contracts to enable the state and Department to obtain the best value of the least amount of funds using a computer and miscellaneous office equipment.

32. Attends meetings and conferences to facilitate communications, exchange of ideas, and present drawings and sketches, using the computer and miscellaneous office equipment, AutoCAD software, and miscellaneous drafting instruments.

33. Creates and maintains Department AutoCAD drafting standards and drawing filing system, to ensure that all Department AutoCAD drawings are compatible with each other and are readily accessible, using a computer and AutoCAD software.

34. Prepares requisitions to initiate purchase orders for procurement of services, supplies, materials, tools and equipment to support unit functions using miscellaneous office equipment.

35. Coordinates the repair, replacement, troubleshooting, identifying and correcting of maintenance problems (e.g. air-conditioning, carpentry, concrete, drywall, electrical, foundation, glass, heating, irrigation, outside perimeter, plumbing, and security/emergency safety systems) in Department buildings using hand, power and specialty tools.

36. Instructs and trains new staff on proper work methods, safety requirements, Department General Orders, facilities procedure manual, and other pertinent policies and procedures through one-on-one interaction and demonstration.

37. Remains current on job specific expertise through various sources (e.g. conferences, educational seminars, professional organizations, etc.) to keep abreast of latest technological developments.

38. Coordinates and attends meetings to exchange information regarding issues, programs and projects.

39. Assists in the development of unit's budget to project and request funding for upcoming year's operations and assist with annual section budget using previous years' allocation, current year funding guidelines, catalogs, estimating manuals, computer and miscellaneous office equipment.

40. Inventories equipment and modular furniture to maintain a record of equipment and control and allocate components using inventory list and computer.

41. Organizes project files to ensure accurate records are accessible for future reference using a variety of miscellaneous office equipment.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities Required: Knowledge of:
1. the principles and practices of building construction, maintenance, security, custodial services, landscape maintenance, and repair to perform tasks, and provide guidance, direction, and supervision of subordinate personnel and vendors.

2. the principles and practices of supervision to provide direction, guidance, oversight and evaluation of subordinate staff performance.

3. building and safety codes (e.g. fire, mechanical, plumbing codes, National Electrical Code, OSHA standards, NFPA National Fire Code, NFPA Life Safety Code and applicable ADA regulations).

4. architectural, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, civil and structural engineering, custodial, landscape, and security disciplines.

5. building construction, custodial and landscape tools, equipment, materials, methods, standards, and trade practices.

6. building standards publications (e.g. American Standards and Testing Material, Building Cost Estimating, Architectural Graphics Standards).

7. drafting techniques and standards.

8. specialized building systems (e.g. fire suppression, UPS, hardware, security and communication).

Skill in:
1. communicating orally in a positive and productive manner with management, peers, subordinate employees, vendors, users, other agencies and the general public to exchange information and resolve issues.

2. communicating in writing in a positive and productive manner with management, peers, subordinate employees, vendors, users, other agencies and the general public to exchange information and resolve issues.

3. accurately reading and interpreting blueprints, sketches and schematics as they relate to buildings and utility service systems.

4. time management techniques.

5. negotiating with architects, engineers and contractors.

6. effectively coordinating personnel and resources on various projects.

7. developing appropriate and cost effective building design solutions.

8. resolving complex planning problems.

9. estimating complex construction costs.

10. coordinating complex construction costs.

11. preparing construction documents (architectural, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and structural).

12. accurately applying methods, practices, and procedures in preventative maintenance, inspection, repair, renovation, and minor construction of buildings and utilities.

13. supervising subordinate staff and contract vendors to ensure required quality, quantity, and completion is in accordance with instructions and/or contract.

14. developing and maintaining an environment of teamwork and positive inter-relationships among subordinate employees.

15. applying construction management practices.

16. the use of drafting instruments, production and office equipment.

17. inspecting buildings and facilities to determine and schedule needed work, determine appropriateness and completeness of work performed, and approve work of subordinate personnel, vendors and contractors.

18. the use of Automated Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD) software and equipment.

Ability to:
1. develop, implement, evaluate, amend, and recommend programs to provide preventative maintenance and repairs to reduce unexpected and emergency situations.

2. develop and maintain effective working relationships with individuals in all levels of the organization, other agencies and the general public.

3. work well under pressure.

4. be flexible in responding to changes in schedules and job priorities.

5. evaluate bids.

6. climb ladders and scaffolding for purposes of inspections.

7. analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.

8. interpret written and oral instructions.

9. interpret building and safety codes.

10. safely operate state motorized vehicles.

11. estimate necessary materials and labor required to complete proposed projects.

12. develop and adhere to schedules.

13. analyze and evaluate users' functional requirements.

14. review shop drawings and submittals for contract compliance.

15. interpret and administer contracts for construction, and/or operational services.

16. evaluate the qualifications of contractors.

17. maintain accurate records.

18. produce architectural/engineering working drawings, specifications and complete construction contract documents.

19. operate a keyboard to type reports, notices, correspondence, forms, documents, files, and other written communications.

20. establish and maintain automated and manual files for documentation purposes.

21. respond to emergency situations in an efficient and timely manner.

22. observe, record, and report unsafe working conditions.

23. use various builders' measuring devices (e.g. level, tape measure, scale and transit).

24. complete forms (e.g. purchase requisitions, purchase orders, performance evaluations).

25. move heavy objects in compliance with OSHA requirements.

Minimum Qualifications: Requires three (3) years as a Building Maintenance Technician and two (2) years of related education; or any combination of related education and experience in the assigned area (e.g. project management, contract administration, maintenance, etc.) to total six (6) years. Allowable education includes up to two (2) years of technical vocational training in construction methods, architectural drafting or related field; or up to four (4) years of college courses in architecture, civil engineering, construction management or related field. Possession of a valid Arizona driver license.

Progression to the next pay level/step requires an overall performance rating of at least "Standard" in the last 12 months.

Must successfully complete the examination process.

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

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