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Job Descriptions & Pay


Class Code: 6261
Salary Schedule: Approved Arizona Law Enforcement Merit System Council Salary Schedule
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Annual salaries are calculations based on approved hourly rates.

Summary Statement: Under general supervision, is responsible for a wide variety of aviation maintenance support duties to include, pick up and delivery of aircraft parts and accessories, shipping and receiving, stocking parts and supply inventory, aircraft cleaning and detailing, hangar janitorial duties, inspections and preventive maintenance of support vehicles and equipment, light facility maintenance, and assisting aircraft mechanics as required.

Essential Functions: (not intended to be all inclusive)

1. Operates Department motor vehicles, aviation support vehicles and equipment in and around aircraft hangar and on airport ramp.

2. Moves aircraft in and out of hangar and repositions aircraft on ramp.

3. Fuels and de-fuels aircraft.

4. Assists aircraft mechanics by performing basic tasks.

5. Picks up and delivers aircraft parts and accessories, utilizing Department vehicles.

6. Inspects, cleans and performs preventive maintenance on vehicles, support equipment and special tools.

7. Performs shipping and receiving of aircraft parts, accessories and supplies.

8. Stocks aircraft parts, accessories and supplies.

9. Cleans aircraft, including exterior washing, waxing, polishing and care of interior upholstery, carpet, wood work and leather.

10. Performs light building maintenance in aircraft hangar and maintenance shop, including sweeping and mopping floors, changing light bulbs, moving equipment and furniture and disposing of industrial waste materials as directed.

11. Assists office staff with moving equipment, capital inventory and surplus property removal.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities Required: Knowledge of:

1. aviation safety procedures.

2. proper methods for loading, securing and transporting aircraft parts and aviation equipment on vehicles, including proper tie down techniques.

3. proper methods and techniques for moving and ground handling aircraft.

4. proper methods, equipment and materials for cleaning, washing, waxing, and polishing aircraft exterior and interior finishes.

5. vehicle and equipment maintenance procedures, including proper inspection techniques using checklists.

6. aviation fuels, lubricants and proper procedures and techniques for fueling and de-fueling aircraft.

7. procedures for safe handling and proper disposal of hazardous materials and industrial waste materials.

8. basic shipping and receiving procedures.

9. general aircraft terminology necessary to assist aircraft mechanics as required.

Skill in:

1. operating aviation ground equipment and support vehicles, such as aircraft tugs and refueling equipment and forklift.

2. the proper use of small hand and power tools (ie., circular saw, hammer, wrenches, screwdrivers).

Ability to:

1. identify, package and stock aircraft parts and supplies into inventory.

2. do small engine preventive maintenance, including oil changes.

3. work on a ladder at heights up to 20 feet above the floor.

4. sweep and mop hangar floor, as necessary, to maintain the floor as clean as possible at all times.

5. prioritize and manage multiple tasks efficiently for completion under time constraints.

6. read and comprehend written instructions and/or directions.


Will be exposed to loud noise, fumes or dust, bodily fluids, near moving mechanical parts toxic or caustic chemicals or materials that transmit infectious disease (eg. AIDS, Hepatitis B).

May work in outdoor weather conditions.

Will be required to move and carry items up to eighty (80) pounds and work from ladders in high, precarious places.

Minimum Qualifications: Requires three (3) years experience in aviation support including; aircraft cleaning, assisting aircraft mechanics, aircraft fueling and de-fueling, aircraft ground handling, aircraft parts and equipment handling, small equipment preventive maintenance, hangar janitorial duties and light building maintenance. High school diploma or GED is required. Must have and maintain a valid Arizona driver license.

Progression to the next pay level/step requires an overall performance rating of at least "Standard" in the last 12 months.

Must successfully complete the examination process.

FLSA status - Non-Exempt.

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