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Job Descriptions & Pay


Class Code: 2040
Salary Schedule: Approved Arizona Law Enforcement Merit System Council Salary Schedule
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Step 2
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Step 3
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Step 4
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Annual salaries are calculations based on approved hourly rates.

Summary Statement: Under general supervision, provides support services to Department personnel by evaluating and investigating civil traffic complaints, including providing testimony in court. Performs related work as assigned. This is a competitive classification.

Essential Functions: (not intended to be all inclusive)

1. Views, evaluates and interprets civil traffic complaints, through the use of various photo enforcement technology.

2. Obtains information on violators from a variety of motor vehicle and criminal databases.

3. Evaluates evidence and database information to identify alleged violators and determine if a violation occurred.

4. Authorizes traffic complaints based on analysis of photo enforcement.

5. Identifies other civil and criminal violations and supplements further investigations.

6. Testifies in court regarding relevant photo enforcement.

7. Prepares court packets for photo enforcement cases.

8. Responds to questions from the public regarding civil traffic complaints, citations, and photo enforcement policies.

9. Drives, sets up and operates an automated photo enforcement vehicle and equipment.

10. Acts as a liaison with different courts associated with the Department’s photo enforcement program.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities Required: Knowledge of:

1. basic mathematics.

2. the principles of proper English, sentence structure, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

3. basic computer and office equipment operations.

Skill in:

1. the use of computer keyboard devices.

2. the use of computer software programs.

3. performing detailed work with a high degree of accuracy.

4. gathering and evaluating routine information to draw valid conclusions.

Ability to:

1. acquire and maintain a working knowledge of photo enforcement technologies.

2. acquire and maintain a working knowledge of legal parameters which pertain to photo enforcement and civil traffic enforcement.

3. to learn laws and regulations pertaining to Arizona Revised Statute Titles 13 and 28.

4. professionally interact with the public, sometimes in difficult situations.

5. establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of the assignment.

6. maintain composure and work effectively while testifying in court as a witness.

7. observe and recollect details of an event or situation.

8. use specialized equipment and software relevant to photo enforcement.

9. communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

10. read, comprehend and interpret written materials of simple or moderate complexity.

11. acquire and retain required Terminal Operator Certification to access criminal records.

12. safely operate Department vehicles to and from court and related work events.

13. exercise good judgment in safeguarding confidential or sensitive information.

14. present data in a logical, concise manner.


Office setting.


Must have and maintain a valid Arizona driver license by date of hire.

May be required to travel frequently statewide.

May be required to work extended or irregular hours.

Cannot maintain concurrent employment with any private photo enforcement company or other law enforcement agency.

Minimum Qualifications: Requires three (3) years of experience in a law enforcement-related research and/or operations position.

Progression to the next pay level/step requires an overall performance rating of at least "Standard" in the last 12 months.

Must successfully complete the examination process.

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt.

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