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Job Descriptions & Pay


Class Code: 5710
Salary Schedule: Approved Arizona Law Enforcement Merit System Council Salary Schedule
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Annual salaries are calculations based on approved hourly rates.

Summary Statement: Responsible for conducting a variety of criminal, administrative and/or financial investigations by gathering, compiling and analyzing relevant facts. Provides investigative support to Department officers and other law enforcement personnel. Performs related work as assigned. This is a competitive classification.

Essential Functions: (not intended to be all inclusive)

1. Researches and conducts administrative, criminal and civil investigations related to alleged violations of Department regulations, criminal law or civil law.

2. Conducts interviews and interrogates victims, witnesses and suspects to further the investigation.

3. Gathers data from field locations and crime scenes, including processing and transporting evidence.

4. Gathers, reviews and analyzes written and financial documents and records.

5. Collects data from various databases and information systems to research information and subjects related to the investigation.

6. Assembles investigative effort and materials into a comprehensive investigative report.

7. Writes, prepares, procures and files court orders, including search warrants.

8. Prepares and presents testimony in court and administrative proceedings.

9. Prepares and presents information to other investigative units within the Department and to other law enforcement agencies.

10. Maintains current knowledge of various criminal and civil statutes, case law and administrative policies and procedures.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities Required: Knowledge of:

1. report writing techniques in order to prepare clear, accurate and comprehensive reports.

2. law enforcement methods and techniques (e.g., conducting interrogations, interviews, investigations, etc.) used to reveal and discern information related to an investigation.

3. legal and law enforcement terminology to interpret documents and prepare reports.

4. research techniques, statistical analysis and data collection.

5. electronic information systems to access data and prepare reports.

6. modern office practices, procedures and equipment.

7. business English, spelling and grammar.

8. federal, state, and local laws governing traffic and crime, search and seizure, and court procedures.

Skill in:

1. the use of computer software programs, including spreadsheets and word processing applications.

2. the use of computer keyboard devices.

3. analyzing complex information and drawing valid conclusions.

4. the use of various electronic equipment, including; photographic, audio and video recording equipment.

Ability to:

1. communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing.

2. work within stringent deadlines.

3. organize, prioritize and perform multiple tasks to complete job functions in an orderly, efficient manner.

4. work independently with minimal supervision.

5. establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of assignment.

6. read, comprehend, and interpret complex written and/or financial materials.

7. apply active listening techniques to obtain complete and accurate information.

8. understand written and verbal instructions to complete assigned tasks accurately.

9. perform mathematical and statistical calculations.

10. perform detailed work with a high degree of accuracy.

11. exercise good judgment in safeguarding confidential or sensitive information.

12. exercise diplomacy when dealing with people in sensitive situations.

13. interpret and apply applicable laws, rules and regulations within assigned investigations.

Working Conditions/Physical Requirements:

Office and/or field settings.

Must be able to move items weighing up to 50 pounds each, in compliance with OSHA regulations.

May be exposed to outdoor weather, fumes or dust, bodily fluids, toxic or caustic chemicals or materials that transmit infectious disease (e.g., AIDS, Hepatitis B), are corrosive, carcinogenic, or explosive.

Additional Requirements:

May be required to travel to perform certain work functions.

May be required to work extended or irregular hours.

May be required to respond to crime scenes and court appearances as needed.

Must possess a valid Arizona Driver license by hire date.

Must obtain and retain Arizona Criminal Justice Information System (ACJIS) Terminal Operator Certification (TOC) within six months of hire.

Cannot be employed with another law enforcement agency concurrently.

Minimum Qualifications: Requires a minimum of five (5) years investigative experience in a law enforcement and/or military agency.

Progression to the next pay level/step requires an overall performance rating of at least "Standard" in the last 12 months.

Must successfully complete the examination process.

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

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