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Job Descriptions & Pay


Class Code: 5529
Salary Schedule: Approved Arizona Law Enforcement Merit System Council Salary Schedule
One Salary
Annual / Hourly
Annual salaries are calculations based on approved hourly rates.

Summary Statement: Manages the member services, publications and all administrative services of the Rocky Mountain Information Network (RMIN) Center.

Performing functions such as supervision of subordinate administrative personnel; administration of daily RMIN Center support activities; performs advanced budgetary analysis and financial report preparation; conducts independent research studies; analyzes, evaluates, and recommends changes to RMIN staff policies and procedures; provides administrative support to the RMIN Executive Policy Board.

Essential Functions: 1. Manages and directs administrative staff including member services and publications activities to provide timely services to members, management and others within the RMIN Center.

2. Manages all aspects of the RMIN budgetary process; supervises disbursement of RMIN Training Program funds.

3. Prepares and presents executive level briefings to RMIN management, RMIN Executive Board, and outside RISS leadership.

4. Provides direct administrative support to the RMIN Executive Policy Board.

5. Disseminates information to RMIN management, RMIN Executive Board, Grantee and Grantor officials, and other RISS authorities.

6. Supervises administrative staff work to include: interviewing prospective employees; providing staff training opportunities; coordinates, schedules and assigns work product; monitors approved performance measures, goals, objectives, and priorities in accordance with RMIN strategic plan with Executive Board/Executive Director guidance; evaluates work performance; and reviews, recommends, and processes personnel actions.

7. Creates, reviews, coordinates, monitors, and updates all RMIN specific forms to ensure standardization, professionalism, clarity, and usefulness of these products.

8. Manages all aspects of the application of RMIN Investigative/Confidential Funds (ICF) support program including required audit trails to ensure ICF compliance with established federal and state guidelines.

9. Assists in administration and processing of RMIN travel requirements.

10. Coordinates and monitors all facilities management issues and requirements.

11. Manages/reviews contracts to secure goods and services.

12. Responds to RISS and Federal requests for activity/statistical information; responds to designated RISS federal partnerships, as approved by the RMIN Executive Director.

13. Develops, changes, and/or recommends improvements on RMIN programs and policies.

14. Participates on working groups and/or planning forums to conduct special studies, research, and formulate policy development.

15. Participates in establishing RMIN long range plans to include development of strategic goals and objectives compatible with RISS and Department strategic plans.

16. Conducts research to identify and obtain tools, equipment, resources, software, and/or applications for staff.

17. Coordinates with Grantee on indirect support activities and service requirements.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities Required: Knowledge of:

1. staff coordination, internal controls, staff management, resource allocation, and organizational effectiveness.

2. principles and practices of administration including long range planning, resource management, and budget execution.

3. principles and practices of grant program applications and administration in a multi-state, multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional operating environment.

4. budget development and administration.

5. fiscal management involving budgetary planning and execution, auditing, and financial record keeping with internal controls necessary to administer a program budget.

6. principles and practices of advanced mathematics, accounting, and statistical reporting.

7. state, federal, and tribal laws and regulations applicable to RMIN program administration.

8. principles and practices of personnel management and supervision.

9. professional development training methods and principles.

10. principles and practices of group dynamics, teamwork, and organizational motivation.

11. rules of English grammar and composition to prepare, review, and edit complex documents.

12. report writing techniques, briefing techniques, and interviewing techniques.

13. research techniques involving both governmental and commercial databases, internet sites, and open source information related to assigned areas of responsibility.

14. modern office practices, procedures, and equipment utilization for efficient office administration and work performance.

15. management of record keeping systems including both automated and manual files.

16. intelligence systems and databases, including rules and procedures related to the collection, retention, storage, and dissemination of intelligence products and multi-jurisdictional information sharing practices.

17. multi-jurisdictional liaison and coordination with federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement organizations.

18. procurement procedures, equipment purchasing, contract negotiation, supplies acquisition, inventory controls, and property management practices and principles.

19. policy formulation and implementation, grants management application, and organizational effectiveness techniques.

Skill in:

1. composing, editing, proofreading, and evaluating complex correspondence, reports, forms, contracts, spreadsheets, and sensitive intelligence documents.

2. managing and supervising individuals and groups for team building, problem solving, intra-staff coordination, and optimum work production.

3. fiscal management, budget formulation, resource allocation, audit record keeping, and grant program administration.

4. use of computer software programs, automated databases, automated forms development, computer security, and information sharing techniques/applications on local area networks.

5. conducting independent research, analyzing data, report writing, creating statistical spreadsheets, and preparing/presenting executive level briefings.

6. policy formulation, decision making, management of personnel and programs, and problem solving/resolution in a multi-jurisdictional work environment.

Ability to:

1. independently manage, supervise, and direct people, programs, projects, and special assignments.

2. identify problems, analyze issues, recommend viable solutions, and develop reasonable cost-effective courses of action for executive decision makers.

3. organize, prioritize, and perform multiple tasks.

4. work within stringent deadlines to complete projects and assignments on time with professional quality products.

5. perform detailed administrative assignments of a difficult nature with a high degree of accuracy.

6. use sound judgment in safeguarding confidential and/or sensitive information, controlling fiscal resources, managing people and programs.

7. effectively communicate; both orally and in writing, with all staff levels.

8. develop and implement long range planning, strategic goals, and organizational objectives.

9. independently make staff decisions and take appropriate actions to fairly and prudently administer RMIN programs and manage a multi-disciplined RMIN staff.

10. exercise ethical leadership that sets the example for others to follow in honesty, integrity, and professional work.


Office setting.


May be required to travel to perform certain work functions.

Minimum Qualifications: Requires at least two (2) years of Administrative Supervisor (or equivalent) experience with an overall standard rating or higher in the last year; or a combination of work experience and education in public administration, law enforcement, intelligence, criminal justice, fiscal/personnel management or related field totaling at least six (6) years.

NOTE: One (1) year of work experience is equivalent to thirty (30) semester hours of course work from an accredited college or university.

Must successfully complete the examination process.

FLSA Status: Exempt

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