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Class Code: 5403
Salary Schedule: Approved Arizona Law Enforcement Merit System Council Salary Schedule
One Salary
Annual / Hourly
Annual salaries are calculations based on approved hourly rates.

Summary Statement: Manages the operation of a specialized service of the Department performing such functions as supervision of subordinate personnel; administration of daily operations of the work unit; performance of independent research studies, as well as, participation in group research studies; analyzing and recommending changes to the work unit policies, procedures and practices. Performs related duties as assigned.

The Administrative Service Manager differs from the Administrative Supervisor in that the Administrative Supervisor typically has responsibility for a program or unit of the Department, budgetary responsibilities, and supervises clerical and professional/analytical personnel, whereas the Administrative Service Manager has full management responsibilities for a designated service with significant impact on the Department. The Administrative Service Manager differs from the Administrative Manager in that the Administrative Manager has broad managerial responsibilities over a large, usually multi-functional segment of the Department, typically at the Bureau level. This is a competitive classification.

Essential Functions: (not intended to be all inclusive)

1. Serves as a liaison between the Department and other agencies/associations to investigate and resolve problems, and facilitate the proper flow of information. Represents the Department and/or State of Arizona in public hearings, meetings, committees or task forces to present evidence or information, to support the Department's interests, provide input and exchange information, and perform the functions of the committee (e.g., policy writing, analysis of recommendations, problem solving, etc.).

2. Manages, through subordinate supervisors, and directs staff activities to provide timely services to other work units throughout the Department and ensure efficient daily operation of the work unit and accountability and adherence to applicable laws, policies and procedures.

3. Conducts briefings to management and/or other executives to report information and answer questions regarding assigned program(s).

4. Interprets and disseminates information (e.g., time and activity, overtime, leave policies, statutes, laws, administrative rules, general policies and procedures, etc.).

5. Supervises the personnel of the work unit, which includes: interviewing prospective employees; providing and/or recommending training; coordinating, scheduling and assigning work product; establishing performance measures, goals, objectives and priorities; evaluating work performance; providing feedback, direction and guidance; keeping personnel abreast of new or revised information; answering questions; and recommending and/or implementing personnel actions.

6. Performs various budgetary functions of the work unit including: monitoring, and analyzing the operating budget for assigned programs (e.g., state appropriations, federal grants and RICO monies); projecting future billings; monitoring and approving expenditures of funds; directing the payment of invoices; supervising the processing of purchase requisitions and purchase orders; managing open purchase orders; and auditing various accounts to ensure accuracy and compliance in the handling and use of funds.

7. Evaluates internal and external operations to determine efficiency and compliance with policies and procedures.

8. Gathers, summarizes and analyzes a variety of information to provide accurate information for briefs, reports and correspondence; to draw valid conclusions in support of decision-making recommendations and/or program initiation; to effectively integrate applicable information into planning processes; and to make projections and recommendations to assist management in developing planning strategies and efficient use of funds.

9. Supervises the design, direction, coordination and daily operation of services and programs specific to the work unit to ensure timely delivery of services.

10. Coordinates and monitors subordinate programs and projects to attain goals and objectives of the work unit.

11. Develops and updates policies and procedures for assigned program.

12. Recommends changes and improvements to management regarding program policies and issues to improve productivity.

13. Conducts needs assessment of user requirements to determine current and future needs (e.g., for updated equipment, programs, etc.) and develop and/or revise programs specific to assigned work unit.

14. Directs and participates in, research/staff studies to provide information, determine the efficiency of programs and ascertain whether improvements are needed.

15. Designs research projects to define problems. Sets objectives and selects appropriate research methodology.

16. Reviews and recommends approval, modification or rejection of proposals to ensure conformance with federal and state guidelines.

17. Participates in setting long-range plans for the Department.

18. Tracks and reviews work progress and final work product to assure accurate and timely completion of work.

19. Prepares various reports (e.g., monthly activity, budgetary, financial, statistical, etc.) to provide accurate information, to make projections and recommendations, and to identify trends.

20. Prepares, processes and distributes various forms and written material to provide information, initiate a specific action and/or make a request. Reviews and proofreads documents to ensure completeness, accuracy and compliance with Department standards.

21. Remains current on job-specific procedures through training courses, professional organizations, books, magazines, etc. to apply appropriate methodologies. Reviews technical research papers, reports and data trends to develop innovative approaches to problem solving and program countermeasures.

22. Manages contracts to secure services and goods for assigned service. Reviews and oversees contracts, agreements, and/or leases to ensure compliance of contract and accuracy of figures.

23. Approves purchases and capital improvements to continue operation of assigned service. Manages cost options to purchase necessary supplies and equipment at most cost effective price.

24. Approves reduction of expenditures authorizing transfer of funds from revenue accounts to expenditure accounts.

25. Reviews and analyzes files and documents to ensure completeness and accuracy.

26. Directs the development, design, re-design, implementation and/or enhancement of computerized systems applicable to assigned program to enhance customer service and employee productivity.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities Required: Knowledge of:

1. operational analysis and decision-making techniques for resource allocation and organizational effectiveness.

2. principles and practices of administration with reference to planning, organizing and directing a comprehensive administrative service and associated programs.

3. the theories, principles and practices of planning for program/project development.

4. the principles and practices of policy and procedural development.

5. budget development and administration.

6. fiscal management and budgetary preparation and control required to administer a program budget.

7. primary financial records required to complete entries and financial transactions.

8. the principles and practices of advanced mathematics, accounting and statistics.

9. state and federal statutes, laws and regulations applicable to the area of assignment.

10. federal, state and local programs and resources regarding the work area required to develop polices and procedures for administration of the service.

11. the principles and practices of supervision.

12. training methods and principles.

13. principles and practices of team performance and management.

14. the rules of English grammar and composition to prepare, review and edit complex documents.

15. report writing techniques required to produce analytical and technical reports in appropriate format.

16. publications relevant to the assigned work area for the purpose of obtaining and disseminating information.

17. modern office practices, procedures and equipment required to perform office functions in an efficient manner.

18. records management systems (automated and manual files).

Skill in:

1. composing, editing and proofreading a variety of correspondence, reports and forms.

2. developing, leading and participating in teams and work groups for formulating a team approach to problem solving and plan development.

3. the application of problem-solving techniques.

4. the use of computer software programs.

5. the use of computer keyboard devices.

Ability to:

1. exercise sound judgement in safeguarding confidential or sensitive information.

2. independently perform detailed administrative assignments of a difficult nature with a high degree of accuracy.

3. independently make decisions and take appropriate action to administer programs and supervise staff.

4. evaluate programs and services, identify problems and analyze alternatives.

5. organize, prioritize and perform multiple tasks.

6. work within stringent deadlines to complete projects and assignments.

7. direct and manage a multi-disciplined staff.

8. develop feasible short- and long-range plans and goals to project and develop programs and projects.

9. establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of assignments.

10. effectively communicate orally and in writing with all levels.

11. read, comprehend, and interpret complex written materials.

12. make presentations to small and large audiences.

13. accurately interpret policies and procedures to provide and clarify information.

14. research, gather, manipulate, analyze and evaluate information and statistics.

15. develop, manage and monitor a budget.


Office setting.


May be required to travel to perform certain work functions.

Minimum Qualifications: Requires four (4) years professional analytical experience, of which at least 3 years must have been in a supervisory or management position.

NOTE: Sixty (60) semester hours (or the equivalent quarter hours) from an accredited college or university may substitute for one year of the supervisory experience.

Must successfully complete the examination process.

FLSA Status: Exempt


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