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Job Descriptions & Pay


Class Code: 6834
Salary Schedule: Approved Arizona Law Enforcement Merit System Council Salary Schedule
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Annual salaries are calculations based on approved hourly rates.

Summary Statement: Performs professional work in developing, coordinating and participating in training and development programs including conducting needs analyses, establishing training requirements, developing training resources, and evaluating training programs. Performs related work as required. This is a competitive classification.

Essential Functions: 1. Evaluates courses, instructors, materials, delivery and content organization to determine if course performance objectives are met.

2. Identifies and prioritizes training needs, programs or strategies in order to offer high quality training and state-of-the-art instructional and measurement techniques and subject matter to ensure training efforts are maximized. Develops additional research instruments, questionnaires or surveys to provide the methodology to collect information to determine training needs and trends.

3. May supervise training support staff including volunteers, interns, instructors, subject matter experts, and student participants.

4. Serves as liaison to external law enforcement agency trainers, administrators and executive officers to develop cohesive working relationships and facilitate information sharing .

5. Recruits, assigns and schedules instructors for training programs; mentors new instructors to develop an on-going resource pool of skilled instructors.

6. Selects or determines appropriate learning resources, training programs and delivery methods and techniques to meet identified needs of individuals and groups.

7. Develops, modifies and updates program curriculum and/or content and materials. Develops program performance and learning objectives to provide a standard against which program content/curriculum and delivery may be measured for effectiveness of training.

8. Initiates, forms and leads employee teams, committees, work groups or subject matter experts in all phases of training program development.

9. Writes and publishes training materials or staff studies to assist in design, development and documentation of agency training standards, strategies and activities; reviews and supervises the production and distribution of training materials.

10. Remains current in job specific procedures through professional development courses and organizations, or training networks.

11. Instructs/teaches/facilitates training programs for diverse audiences including assisting in the production of in-state and multi-state telecourse training programs and administering basic training tests to qualified peace officer waiver applicants.

12. Coordinates and facilitates meetings of trainers, telecourse facilitators or subject matter experts from various law enforcement agencies to review the effectiveness of past programs and solicit information to identify future training needs and contemporary subject matter. Consults with training facilitators statewide to monitor training activities, regional issues, needs and requests.

13. Prepares documentation or reports for management on the effectiveness of course instructors, training methodologies, quality of course content, program delivery, statistical data, or audit results of academy inspections.

14. Markets and promotes internal and external training programs, courses and schools to employees or law enforcement personnel.

15 Researches, identifies and obtains copyright clearance for various materials used in courses.

16. Identifies liability risks in agency training programs and provides information on proven strategies, programs and documentation to aid in risk management and prevention.

17. Evaluates formal proposals for training contract awards and negotiates training and related services terms and conditions.

18. Provides assistance or consulting services to agency employees in meeting personal and professional educational and career goals.

19. Briefs management on existing and proposed training programs to ensure the expectations and the needs of the agency are met.

20. Reviews and evaluates the procedural controls and records systems of law enforcement training academies to ensure compliance with Arizona POST rules.

21. Determines eligibility to waive basic training requirements for peace officers trained outside the state prior to certification.

22. Speaks to various groups to provide information or respond to inquiries concerning training.

23. Confers with college and university officials and other professional training personnel to define and approve training curricula eligible for credit.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities Required: Knowledge of:

1. training or instructional strategies and methodologies.

2. the theory or principles as applied to adult learning.

3. program or project management techniques.

4. the principles of group dynamics and human behavior.

5. report writing techniques to produce analytical reports or written materials having high organizational impact in appropriate format.

6. wordprocessing, spreadsheet and/or desktop publishing software.

7. analytical problem solving techniques.

8. public relations and marketing principles as they relate to the public sector.

9. the functions, features and potential applications of electronic systems for the delivery of training programs (e.g. computer-based training, teleconferencing, interactive-video, training software, etc.).

10. copyright restrictions in regard to the development and delivery of training programs.

Skill in:

1. motivating others to accomplish assigned tasks.

2. communicating clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing, with all levels of internal and external contacts to provide clarity, gather and disseminate information and resolve issues.

3. the rules of English grammar and composition to prepare, review, and edit documents.

4. formulating concepts and developing strategies and solutions for training needs.

5. developing practical frameworks that describe complex ideas in understandable, usable ways.

6. operating instructional, presentational, audiovisual or satellite reception equipment.

Ability to:

1. organize, prioritize, and perform multiple tasks to complete job functions in an orderly, efficient manner.

2. exercise independent judgement or initiative and function with minimal supervision.

3. work under stringent deadlines.

4. establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of assignment

5. develop feasible short and long-range plans/goals to project and develop programs and projects.

6. use of modern office and training equipment to perform complex office and training tasks.

7. conduct research, gather information and analyze a variety of data.

8. research and reconcile inaccuracies and errors in documents, computer printouts and other written materials.

9. comprehend and interpret written materials and draw valid conclusions.


Office setting.

May be required to lift or carry up to 60 pounds of training equipment.


Statewide travel may be required.

Minimum Qualifications: Requires a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a major in business or public administration, personnel, education, or a social or behavioral science or related field, and three (3) years of professional training or development experience. Postgraduate education in one of the above fields may substitute for the required experience on the basis of 30 semester (45 quarter) hours of education equal to one (1) year of experience. Must have and maintain a valid Arizona driver license.

Progression to the next pay level/step requires an overall performance rating of at least Standard in the last 12 months.

Must successfully complete the examination process.

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

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