This section will introduce what DPS internship is about and some of the requirements.

Intern Start Date     Recruiting Time Frame
Summer: starting May/June     March - May
Spring: starting January/February     November - January
Fall: starting August / September     June - August

The Intern sponsorship program is designed to ensure the program goals and student’s goals are mutually achieved.

The Intern shall be directly supervised to perform work in a structured learning program to gain practical work experience in one of the administrative or professional fields in state government.

The Intern will perform related duties, as assigned. This classification exists for individuals pursuing a career in a field closely related to the area of assignment. It is designed by the Department to provide an educational benefit to the incumbent and designated solely for educational credit (no other compensation is included). Following are some key components of the intern program:

  • The program will provide practical and substantive experience to enhance the Intern’s learning and growth potential.
  • Projects assigned to Interns will be clearly outlined.
  • The Intern’s direct supervisor will be clearly delineated.
  • The supervisor will provide periodic and final performance evaluations.
  • Intern projects will include clear and concise objectives.
  • Interns will not be used solely for data entry or clerical type responsibilities.

This classification is for temporary assignments as no permanent positions are allocated to this classification.