Core Department Values

DPS Officers

Courteous Vigilance is the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s motto and guiding principle, which reflects the pride of the Department.  We provide quality, reliable and respectful service to the citizens of Arizona while being vigilant in the enforcement of the laws of the state.

The following are our core values, supporting the tradition of Courteous Vigilance:

  • Human Life:
    We value, respect and protect human life and the rights of all persons.

  • Integrity:

    We are honest and truthful, recognizing integrity is the cornerstone for all that is done by DPS employees.

  • Courage:

    We demonstrate moral and physical courage in the performance of our duties.

  • Accountability:
    We accept responsibility for our actions.

  • Customer Service:
    We consistently deliver exceptional assistance.

  • Communication:

    We share factual information in a timely manner through various mediums both internally and externally.

  • Leadership:

    We set examples which influence excellence in personal behavior and job performance.

  • Teamwork:

    We respect and cooperate with fellow employees, other agencies and the community to identify and achieve common goals.

  • Citizenship:

    We are involved in activities which improve the quality of life in our communities.