Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force

Arizona Vehicle Theft Task ForceThe Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force (AVTTF), also known as RATTLER (Regional Auto Theft Team Law Enforcement Response), was established in January 1997 to provide statewide expertise in the investigation of property crimes involving stolen vehicles, related components and insurance fraud. The task force is comprised of city, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies participating in a concerted effort to identify, apprehend, and prosecute individuals and criminal organizations that profit from the theft of motor vehicles and related crimes. The AVTTF also provides subject matter expertise, training and investigative support to law enforcement agencies targeting vehicle theft and related crimes.

The AVTTF provides a vital mission on behalf of the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority (AATA) to reduce vehicle theft in Arizona by deterring criminal activity through aggressive, proactive enforcement and by creating a public awareness through community education. Through continued grant funding from AATA, the AVTTF will continue to provide exemplary services to the citizens of the Arizona. 

Since the inception of AVTTF in 1997 through 2008, this task force has recovered over 30,317 vehicles valued at $323,220,981.00.

The toll-free hotline for the task force where the public can leave anonymous information on stolen vehicles, chop shops, etc. is: 1-888-622-0088. The Vehicle Theft Task Force also conducts courtesy stolen vehicle reports for vehicles stolen in Mexico. Those reports may be given at the Vehicle Theft Task Force at 602-223-2364.


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