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The Fingerprint Identification Bureau, representing the AZAFIS System Manager provides ongoing management of the AZAFIS to ensure system service remains available to all authorized sites throughout the state, and monitors compliance of AZAFIS sites with state and federal laws and system policies and procedures. The bureau also processes arrest fingerprint records received from all Arizona law enforcement agencies in order to establish and maintain the Arizona central fingerprint repository. The bureau oversees training and certification of AZAFIS workstation operators, and assists the AZAFIS Advisory Board by developing planning strategies for the most effective growth of the system. Additionally, the bureau processes criminal history background checks of applicants for authorized private and governmental entities.


To effectively manage day-to-day Arizona Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AZAFIS) operations, and continuously improve the system in support of the automated fingerprint identification needs of Arizona criminal justice agencies. To aid in the protection of at-risk citizens by collecting and analyzing criminal history background information to determine the suitability of applicants as required by state and federal laws.


  • To meet or exceed Fingerprint Identification Bureau customer expectations and legislative mandates through efficient and effective operation of the Fingerprint Identification Bureau.
  • To successfully and innovatively address Fingerprint Identification Bureau employee and client training needs

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