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The Scientific Analysis Bureau provides scientific analysis of evidence, technical crime scene assistance, secure storage of evidentiary items, training, and expert testimony to all Criminal Justice Agencies in the state. Scientific and technical services are provided in the areas of DNA, Serology, Toxicology, Controlled Substances (Drugs), Firearms and Tool marks, Trace Evidence (Explosives, Arson, Hairs, Fibers, Paint, Glass, etc.), Latent Fingerprints, Questioned Documents, Breath Alcohol, and Photography.


To assist the Department, the Arizona Criminal Justice Community, and the public in the timely investigation and adjudication of criminal cases by utilizing state-of-the-art analytical techniques; providing the most accurate scientific analysis of evidence; and presenting expert court testimony.


  • To continuously improve the delivery and effectiveness of scientific support services essential to the Arizona Criminal Justice System and public safety.
  • To enhance Scientific Analysis Bureau effectiveness through the professional development of all employees.
  • To increase awareness of the integral role that the Scientific Analysis Bureau plays in the Arizona Criminal Justice System.

Regional Crime Laboratories

  • Central Regional Crime Lab (Phoenix)
  • Southern Regional Crime Lab (Tucson)
  • Northern Regional Crime Lab (Flagstaff)
  • Western Regional Crime Lab (Lake Havasu City)

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