Student Transportation

School BusOverview

The mission of the DPS Student Transportation Unit is to ensure proper certification of school bus drivers and school bus driver instructors; to establish and maintain a safety and training program; and to continually strive to improve the safety and efficiency of student school bus driver certifications (approximately 2,300 per year).  The unit also conducts annual renewal of school bus driver certifications (approximately 7,000 each year) and conducts administrative hearing preparation and proceedings related to school bus driver certification issues.  The unit also handles violation notices for vehicles illegally passing school buses and conducts compliance reviews (to ensure those conducting student transportation are compliant with state and federal laws/rules).  It also investigates complaints against those conducting student transportation to ensure no violations have been made, especially in areas related to the safety of students.  The unit also reviews school bus accidents and maintains accident reports and statistics regarding school buses in an effort to prevent future accidents from occurring.

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