Law Enforcement ExploringOverview

Law Enforcement Exploring is a nationwide program, chartered by the Law Enforcement Exploring, designed to stimulate young men and women to study for careers in the law enforcement field. It also provides a positive approach to prevention of juvenile delinquency through a variety of organized activities requiring a high standard of conduct.

Exploring is a co-educational program for young adults between the ages of 14 and 21.

As an Explorer, young men and women have the opportunity to build desirable qualities of character, to learn and experience the responsibilities of participative citizenship, and to develop both mental and physical fitness.

Through the sponsorship of a Law Enforcement agency, Explorers gain experience and insight into police work community service and the knowledge of how to be a productive citizen.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is a state law enforcement agency dedicated to the protection of life and property and to the development and utilization of the Department's human and material resources. The Department enforces state laws with primary responsibility in the areas of traffic, narcotics, organized crime/racketeering, liquor, and specific regulatory functions. Operational and technical assistance is provided to local and state governmental agencies and other components of the criminal justice community. Services include: scientific analysis, aircraft support, emergency first care, criminal information systems and statewide communications. The Department also promotes and enhances the quality of public safety through cooperative enforcement, intelligence gathering, training employees of law enforcement agencies, and increasing public awareness of criminal activities. This mission is accomplished in an atmosphere of trust, mutual support and understanding maintained through participative involvement.

The Department of Public Safety is happy to sponsor several Exploring Posts that provide formal classroom instruction at regular weekly meetings, as well as, demonstrations, practical exercises, and field trips covering all phases of law enforcement for Post Members.

Available Exploring Program Training Resources

  1. Highway Patrol
    • Uniform Patrol
    • Commercial Vehicle Inspections
    • Auto Theft Interdiction
    • Accident Investigations
    • DUI Arrest
    • Traffic Control
  2. Criminal Investigations
    • Liquor Enforcement
    • Narcotic Detection
    • Intelligence Gathering
  3. Training & Education
    • Academy Training
    • Library Resources
    • First Aid
    • Cuffing Techniques
  4. Criminal Justice Support
    • Aviation
    • Crime Lab
    • Questioned Documents
    • Evidence Submittal
    • Photo Lab
  5. Agency Support
    • Dispatch
    • Radio usage
    • Computers

Membership Requirements & Application Information

The Department currently sponsors several Exploring Posts throughout the state.

Each Post has a sworn Peace Officer as the Post Advisor who oversees the structure and training of Post Members. Civilian Advisors are also utilized for civic and community involvement.

If interested, contact the DPS Explorer's Advisor at (602)223-2184 or by e-mail for additional information and location information.

Membership Requirements:

  • Males or Females
  • Between the ages of 14 & 21
  • Good moral character and good citizenship
  • Maintain a "C" average in school
  • No serious police record and NO gang affiliation
  • Team oriented

Additional Information

Please visit the following link for additional information and resources: