Highway Patrol

Highway PatrolMOTTO

"Patrol with a Purpose"


The Highway Patrol Division (HPD) at DPS is the largest and most recognized division within the agency.  It is often referred to as the agency’s flagship division and has a history dating back to 1931 when a state highway patrol function was first created in Arizona.

The mission of this Division is to ensure the safe and expeditious use of the highway transportation system for the public and to provide assistance to local and county law enforcement agencies.  The division also provides services and enforcement in commercial motor vehicle, tow truck, school bus enforcement and safety programs.

The division is comprised of three Patrol Bureaus, a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau and the SWAT District.  The Patrol Bureaus are aligned into three bureaus based on geographic regions – North, South and the Metro Phoenix area.  The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau and SWAT are statewide programs administered centrally with satellite offices and personnel strategically located throughout the state.  In addition to its patrol function, the Special Enforcement Bureau also administers many of the division’s specialty units such as the Capitol Police District, Commercial Vehicle Interdiction and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement.

The SWAT District is comprised of two Rapid Response Patrol Squads, fulltime and part-time Tactical Officers, Snipers, Crisis Negotiators and a statewide Bomb Squad with Explosive Detection Canine Teams.

Division Assistant Director

  • Daniel Lugo is in charge of the Highway Patrol Division.