Law Enforcement Merit System Council (LEMSC)


The agency’s Law Enforcement Merit System Council (LEMSC) is primarily responsible for adopting rules it deems necessary for establishing a classification and compensation plan for all covered positions in the Department and establishing standards and qualifications for all classified positions.  It is also responsible for adopting rules for establishing a plan for fair and impartial selection, appointment, probation, promotion, retention and separation or removal from service by resignation, retirement, reduction in force or dismissal of classified DPS employees.  In addition, the LEMSC adopts rules for creating a performance appraisal system for evaluating the work performance of DPS employees and procedures for the conduct of hearings of employee grievances brought before the LEMSC relating to classification, compensation and the employee appraisal system.  Furthermore, the LEMSC adopts rules appropriate for establishing procedures for the conduct of hearings on appeals from an order of the director of DPS in connection with suspension, demotion, reduction in pay, loss of accrued leave or dismissal of a classified employee. 

LEMSC consists of three members appointed by the governor to each serve six-year terms. Members are chosen on the basis of experience in and sympathy with merit principles of public employment. Members shall not have held elective public office within one year before appointment and shall not hold any other political office while serving on the LEMSC.

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