Media Relations / Creative Services and Community Outreach & Education


This vital area of DPS serves as the agency’s primary media liaison and in-house creative services provider through its media relations coordinator, public information officers, video productions function, publications/marketing section and the Duty Office. The media relations coordinator and public information officers resolve issues of mutual concern with media outlets and ensure the agency is providing necessary services and/or responses to the media regarding news stories concerning the agency. Through its video productions function, this unit produces a video news program that is distributed to all employees within the agency and captures video of agency activities that is edited and provided to the media when appropriate. The video productions function also creates video programs for the agency, especially for training purposes, as well as other state, local, federal and nonprofit organizations and the Governor’s Office.

Through the marketing and creative services arm of its publications section, the unit produces a wide array of marketing materials for the agency including web-based graphics, printed brochures, pamphlets, posters, press conference displays, logos and high-resolution public relations photography.

The publications section of this unit also produces the agency’s annual report to the Governor and writes copy, or verbiage, for agency marketing materials and websites. It also produces and publishes the agency’s longstanding internal employee and retiree newsletter, The Digest. The Duty Office facilitates the flow of critical information within the agency related to ongoing law enforcement situations throughout the state. It responds to citizen requests as well as media requests when agency public information officers are unavailable.

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